HGTV Stars of the Hit Show ‘Fixer Upper’ Give Their Amazing Testimony of Faith.   Here’s a little convergence that occurred in my life recently. ~ First, I’ve been studying the book of Ecclesiastes ~ especially chapter 3.   To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. . . Ecclesiastes 3:1 ~ Second, I discovered the HGTV series Fixer Upper. I thought Joanna Gaines might be… Read More

     I love how David talked to his own soul. He speaks words of instruction and encouragement and reminders about the things that we are so prone to forget. At least I am. Until my selfishness and entitlement bubble up and seep out through the holes in my faith making a mess of everything. Then I remember what God never forgets. For He knows my frame. He remembers that we are… Read More

Who doesn’t love Ikea, right? Yesterday I trekked out to my local Ikea to grab some Billy Bookcases for my new walk-in Pantry. Kate and Zay were with me. For you who just tuned in—that’s my granddaughter and her 1 year old. I can’t go to Ikea alone because I always get lost;) I can see it from the highway, but I never can get to the other highway that has the… Read More

  Lord give me fresh eyes to see the goodness and wonder in life!   That’s been my prayer as I’ve watched little Isaiah this past week. His family has been camped out at our house because of a ‘mold situation’ at theirs. Here’s Little Zay as he discovered the joy of water flowing from the faucet. I must turn on a faucet 20 times a day, and I realized I’ve been… Read More

  These old jars weren’t manufactured as fence decorations. Nope. They had a whole different life before they became fence decorations.  But someone had a new purpose in mind for each one. That is just what God does with some of us, He repurposes us. Today I was thinking about Moses and Samuel.   Moses didn’t start out as a prophet. He was semi-royalty and presumably living a life of privilege in… Read More

Originally posted on Morning Story and Dilbert:
Vintage Dilbert – November 7, 1991 Women have strengths that amaze men…..IT IS THAT They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in.. They stand up to…

  Under the dark shadow of a tree called envy distorted all things will appear lines and contours grotesquely twisted the horizon stands up on its ear   The world and reality bent out of shape by a heart so damaged it just can’t see straight pride greed and malice companions these three cling tightly to envy like roots to a tree   And roots they are of the foulest kind nourishing… Read More

It’s a rainy morning—FINALLY! (I live in drought plagued California) While skimming through my emails I found one from Ann Handley, the author of Everybody Writes. I subscribed to Ann’s site because I want to be a better writer, but also because she’s a guide to the good stuff on the Internet ;) Think of the Internet as a giant forest and Ann as the seasoned guide who knows which berries you… Read More

  What’s in a name? Are you a Grandma, a Gammy, a Grams, a Mimsy, a Nana, a Nona, a Noni, an Ona, or as Sheldon Cooper would say—a Mee-maa? It doesn’t matter as much what your grandkids call you—it matters that you call on the Lord for them. This morning I came across and old English Revised Version of a verse in Isaiah about the watchmen God had set on the… Read More

   Today I discovered a great tool for blogging. It’s called and you can find it at I love discovering and sharing cool Infographics, but I just don’t have the skills to make them on my own. Until now!!!!! Hurray for the probably 20 year old freaky-gifted people who can make them and thought the rest of us might like to as well ;) ;) ;) Bless you, bless you. I… Read More


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