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When I am not saving the world from copious amounts of dog hair armed with my trusty lint rollers, I’m taking pictures. Nature, pets and the occasional human are my subject of choice. My dogs and horse are my muses and I am THAT girl running around after them with a camera to capture their every expression or ridiculous sleeping poses. However, I do venture out into…

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Be Awesome in Your Own Fur 1. Take Pride in Your Appearance We are divine, noble, and gorgeous creatures by nature. Therefore, appearance is everything. Every chance you have, be sure to lick yourself to keep your fur in place and looking glossy. Bask in your glory on a windowsill and allow other people to admire your exquisiteness. Nap. *Disclaimer: Cats have impossible standards of beauty. Do…

Jerusalem is the stage for the final chapter of Redemption’s Long Story. This is a special week for people who profess faith in Jesus Christ, for believers, for Christ followers. It’s full of meaning and each successive day adds potent reminders of what Jesus did, what He said, and how God’s long, long plan of salvation unfolded and marched toward the prophesied consummation. Beginning with a word to the serpent, God told… Read More

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I’m all about sneaking in vegetables to unsuspecting places. This recipe: case in point. In lieu of noodles, sub in meaty slices of eggplant. If you don’t tell your family they’re eating eggplant, I promise they won’t ask any questions. This is a convincing lasagna! In fact, my husband actually prefers it. I know. Lots of veggies and the perfect vehicle for melty cheese and warming turkey meat sauce.…

“Christianity and its goal, Christlikeness, have a person in mind: Christ! What sets Christian spiritual activity apart from all other religions is that they have knowledge of Christ as their goal; not moral perfection (although you will become more moral), not tranquility (although your life will become remarkably more peaceful). And because of the grace you have in Christ, the disciplines will do nothing to make you more accepted by the Father…. Read More

Holding on to hurt can weigh us down. This great photo and slogan reminded me just how easy it is to get free of the ‘icky’ feeling. Just, Let it go! That’s the essential part of forgiveness. Letting go of our right to punish another for hurting us. God does it for us all of the time! and forgive us our sins, just as we have forgiven those who have sinned against… Read More

Years ago I spent a Fall day with my Grandmother. Now that isn’t much of a ‘hook’ into a story, but something happened that day that changed both of us, forever. We shopped for groceries and then made dinner together. After dinner she turned on the television and selected one of the 2 channels offered back then in Redding, CA. She thought we’d watch Lawrence Welk, but instead there was a Billy… Read More

“. . .I am forgiven into a recreated relationship (with God), into identification with God in Christ.” Oswald Sanders I’ve read the Bible a lot and take it from me, God does some wild stuff. We can’t put Him in a box and say, “THIS IS HOW HE WORKS.” How can we ever know what He’s done in the lives of millions of others who have lived long ago. Seems a little… Read More

Does your love for God sometimes seem small? Maybe you’ve discovered as I did that we can’t generate it ourselves. It grows out of our perception of His love in our lives. The best way I’ve found to keep loving Jesus is to keep noticing His love in my own life. The big and ‘small’ ways He demonstrates His love every day. Years ago I was lost. And I knew it. I… Read More

I know it was over a week ago, but this is a great April Fools Day prank. I love the Part B kicker. title=”One Upping Your Prof.”>


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