Today I discovered a great tool for blogging. It’s called and you can find it at I love discovering and sharing cool Infographics, but I just don’t have the skills to make them on my own. Until now!!!!! Hurray for the probably 20 year old freaky-gifted people who can make them and thought the rest of us might like to as well ;) ;) ;) Bless you, bless you. I… Read More

I Will Worship You   Without the eloquence of a David the fiery passion of an Isaiah or the intimate knowledge of a Paul In my own way I will worship You   For the world and everything in it declare divine design and infinite power An incomparable mind offering itself and all to us I will worship You   See the lowly fern as fronds unfurl and hint of majestic robes… Read More

A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him. Brendan Francis   How well do you know your husband? This year we’ll celebrate our 30th anniversary and yet this week I learned something new about my guy.  That’s great because it opened up another way to show him how much I really love him. Credit for my most recent discovery goes to Selland’s. It’s a great little… Read More

  It’s OK to admit you have limitations? We are all just human. You’ve heard that a 1000 times.  You’ve said it yourself. But I’ll bet you’ve gone on day after day without telling God that you’re at your wits end with the kids, or you simply can’t get everything around the house done on your own, or you’re afraid you won’t be successful at work. When I get overwhelmed, overworked, or… Read More

  To that one thief on the cross next to Him Jesus said, “Today you’ll be with Me in Paradise.” Why aren’t we? In Paradise I mean. If we’ve believed at, say, 7 years old, then why don’t we just blink and find ourselves in heaven. Or maybe 17 like I was when I first heard that God loved me and I dumped all my sin and yuckiness right into Jesus’ nail… Read More

Unlikely Pairs Part #2 It’s now a rainy evening and while curled on the sofa I’m exploring tumblr to see what’s new. I just found this and thought it was a nice sequel to this morning’s post. Do you have a tumblr blog?   I fill mine with all the images and quotes I find there that resonate with me. If you’re curious you can see it here Add your tumblr… Read More

Are all of your friends just like you? About a year ago I saw a special on the Nature channel that featured strange animal friends. A deer and a dog. A horse and a goat. Etc. The new Android commercial brought a little sunshine into this rainy Saturday by featuring the playful antics of some unlikely animal friends. Gather any kiddos in the house and watch the fun together. Maybe we can… Read More

Ever feel like you just can’t figure out what God is up to in your life?   You know He’s there, in the background—at the control panel, pulling levers & pushing buttons, but from your end it feels random. And frankly, you’re wondering about the outcome. I mean—what’s the plan here? Please tell me there’s a plan.   You’re not alone. We all feel that way sometimes. It puts us in good… Read More

    Jesus used to walk around town. It was about 2000 years ago and half a world away from my town, but He really did rub shoulders with regular people.  He hung out with them, had meals with them, and did a little traveling with some friends. Last week I was involved in a conversation about sharing the gospel. The spark was a comment made by a guy who said he… Read More

  Each of us can make something today.   No slackers on Thursdays, remember the All Skate at the Roller Rink—everybody needs to participate. There’s something here for everybody, for you, and her, and him, and them, and those people over there at the water-cooler, and the ones in line at Starbucks, and the Moms in the drop-off line at the elementary school.   Today you can:   Make a new start… Read More


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