The Ravioli Shop in Jackson, CA.
Excellent Ravioli, inside parking, and is there a gas pump in there too?

Unlike many bloggers in the Weekly Photo Challenge, I don’t know how to use Photoshop.

I’m not whining, I’ve had to choose between Photoshop and learning how to insert photographs into this blog in the appropriate sequence.
Learning Photoshop is on my To Do List, and the course is already purchased and waiting on Udemy, but I couldn’t complete it in time to make this challenge.

I’m still throwing my hat in the ring with this shot I almost deleted as a bad one because of the reflection.
Don’t you love serendipity?
I think this un-Photoshopped version is cool.
And I happen to be Editor-in-Chief of this blog.

Let me tell you the backstory behind the photo.
My hubby and I were taking a day for ourselves as the ramp-up to our 27th anniversary celebration.

We drove our JAMES BOND Mercedes convertible,
that’s the one with the top that folds down automatically into the trunk and makes my grandkids say ‘AWESOME’.
I forgot where I was going with that super long run on sentence.

Let me start again, we drove up into the foothills near Jackson to see if Teresa’s Restaurant still had great Italian food.
They do. Great margaritas too.
We talked non-stop and shared memories of our life together—so far.
There are still chapters to be written in this romance/adventure novel we experience as our life.
I call him Mr. Spontaneity because I never know what he might decide to do next. Like, move to Africa.
You think I’m kidding.
Other wives, the fainthearted kind, couldn’t have hacked it with my guy, but he’s perfect for me because my name is Kelly
and in Celtic it means WARRIOR WOMAN.
Info my husband says “might have been useful 27.5 years ago”.

Turn #6

Having been a race car driver, my hubby loves curvy roads that tap into some of the German Engineering built into his TOY CAR. Thankfully there are other motorists and the CHP that rein him in so it doesn’t turn into a white knuckle experience for me. I just get to feel a little Grace Kelly in How to Catch a Thief minus the scarf and the French Riviera.


Is it all you’d hoped it would be? I included the photo so you’d know that THIS IS THE TERESA’S I AM TALKING ABOUT.
You can’t judge a book by its cover.
The food is good, the wine & Margaritas are good, and the TIRAMISU is required eating.
If you need some good conversation too, my hubby and I are usually free on Thursdays.

Coming home we stopped in Jackson to fill up the tank on the, “Excuse me, I’m German and can only use PREMIUM GRADE FUEL” Mercedes

I really took the photo of the Homemade Ravioli place because I’d seen a story about Alphabet Photography (
and I was taking pictures of church steeples that looked like capital A’s and this porch across from Teresa’s that looked like a stretched out M and I thought the large rectangle of the Ravioli place looked interesting as a possible backdrop for a collage.

I’m glad I hadn’t gotten around to hitting delete before I saw the new Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge.
My shot isn’t great photography, but it put me in touch with some very special memories.
Isn’t that one of the best things a photo can do?

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  1. Mr. Spontaneity is so cool! You are right – you are the perfect match for him. You are NOT of the faint of heart…..

    Info my husband says “might have been useful 27.5 years ago”. hahahaha! Love reading about your beautiful day. xoxo

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