The Origin of Sharing

Bonus shot of seal with fish

Yesterday I was loading the dishwasher when about 40 small birds landed on the 5 large Iceberg rose bushes outside my Kitchen window. They flitted from bush to bush for a few minutes then headed back to the cover of the large trees in my yard and on the adjacent Golf Course.

They repeated the show again in the afternoon as I was doing dinner prep. I’ve had lots of unexpected close encounters with flora and fauna and it always brings me joy.

Revelation 4:11 gives us a peek behind the veil of heaven and lets us hear the praise offered to God:

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

God made everything for his pleasure and then he shared with all of us.

Humming Bird in Palm Springs

Creatures, including you and me, were made for his enjoyment, delight, and satisfaction.

The incredible variety of plants and the diversity of our planet were all designed and manufactured by God for his own pleasure.
Do you ever think of God enjoying your roses or your dog?
Do you think he likes kittens and apples?

He does. Remember the little phrase in Genesis, “and God saw that it was good”?
Every time I have one of these unexpected encounters I remember that phrase, God saw that it was good, and I add my two cents worth and tell him I think so too.

So here are some pictures I’ve taken while playing golf, or walking through a park, or trying to photograph birds and getting a seal with lunch in his mouth as a bonus. The golf courses were in the Canadian Rockies and Palm Sprigs, the park is Boston Common, and the seagulls and seal were vacationing on the Oregon Coast while we were driving home from Canada.

Rabbit in Palm Springs

Squirrel raiding the trash bin in Boston Common

Cactus and flowering shrubs in Palm Springs

Fall apples in Berkshires, MA

Duck at Greywolf Golf Course, Canada

Geese in Boston Common

Grouse at Greywolf Golf Course, Canada

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