It's Time
It’s Time

I’ve missed you WordPress.
I know, I’m the one that hasn’t been in touch.
I was seduced by another blog.


But, I find you drawing me back in.
The promise of free flowing thought and the simply beautiful new and free themes have captured my imagination and made me want a fresh start. The keyboard is pulling thoughts from my head and grafting them on to the fabulous pages of my Superhero theme. It’s like the rush I used to get when buying new paints and canvas or yarns for a new knitting project. New beginnings make me feel energized.

And writing, well writing is like de-cluttering my brain. I discover what I’ve been thinking about, struggling with, or longing for when I sit down to write. Life is messy business, but writing seems to make it all a little more tidy. I like tidy.

Have you noticed how many books there are about blogging?
I’m put off by the whole, How to Monetize Your Blog thing, but I have found some good tips that I hope will make this a better blog and me a more skilled and thoughtful blogger. Truth be told I’m wowed by some of the blogs here on WP. The content is rich, the images dynamic, and the bloggers faithful. What more could you ask, right?

I also want to say thanks to the WP teams that bring us features like The Daily Prompt, The Daily Post, and Weekly Writing Challenge. The prompts are creative and after writing one I’m eager to see what others have contributed. I’m a novice photographer, but I really enjoyed starting with a photograph as inspiration for a post. You all excel at fostering community and helping those of us that have strayed feel at home again. I wrote you a thank you poem.

Blog Poem
Blog about this
Blog about that
It’s like pulling a rabbit
Out of a hat

Day after day
Like drilling for oil
Reaching down deeper
Writing is toil

Then at last it appears
Like a star center stage
My very own idea debuts on the page

And I know I’ll be back
No I can’t stay away
I’ve given up golf
To blog is to play

Published by Kelly Grace

Every day I look for God to touch my life. That intersection of the divine and the daily is what I write about here at A Really Full Life.

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  1. Bonjour Mme Grace,

    Well, l don’t think you can be saved – One of the surest symptoms of Chronic Blogitis Syndrome is the inability to play a round of golf without thinking about your next posting. Unfortunately, dear Madame, if you actually blog in preference to playing you are hopelessly addicted and even Bloggers Anonymous can offer no redemption.

    Love your blog and philosophy – Great pictures and stories that make me smile and occasionally laugh out loud – which is not easily achieved.

    Thank you for your lovely compliments – I am honoured to be thought inspirational.



    1. Bonjour,
      Just typing that makes me jealous of your great life in France! As the old song says, ‘Nice work if you can get it’.
      Here’s an unintended consequence of blogging—I keep meeting people with inspiring lives, talents, and stories who share it all so freely with the rest of us.

      As for the laughter,according to Proverbs “it does good like a medicine”.
      It’s cheaper than seeing the Doctor, so I always look for the funny in life.
      It may be useful for Chronic Blogitis Syndrome.


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