Does your blog sound like you?
I keep coming across the same advice in every book I read about Blogging: FIND YOUR VOICE!

Which led me to wonder if it’s even possible to use anyone else’s voice.
Here’s the thing.
This morning I was sitting quietly with the patio door open.
Birdsong erupted outside coming from a Northern Mockingbird up in a large redwood tree.


By Calibas (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The thing I noticed about this bird was the variety in his song.
I say his because I think he’s showing off trying to attract a mate.
He was like an Italian Opera Star with his high trills and then his low ‘tchack’ call.
Mockingbirds imitate other sounds and other birdsongs too.
This guy has quite the repertoire.

My point is this: He doesn’t have just one song.

For many of us blogging is fun, cheaper than therapy, and gives us an outlet for exploring and discussing the wide variety of things that engage and interest us.
We’re not selling anything.
We haven’t monetized our blogs.
We’re looking for community.
We’re looking for engagement.
And we know a lot of songs.

I read in the Daily Post about Choosing a Blog Title.
I chose this blog title because I have A REALLY FULL LIFE and I write about it here.
It’s full of people to love, places to go, and worthwhile stuff to do.

You do too.
I’ve found astounding photographs, thoughtful compositions, useful information on a variety of topics.
You’ve written about fabulous restaurants, political and ethical issues, how-to’s of WordPress, technology, photography, cooking, gardening, and crafts.
You’ve shared your struggles with special needs children, parents with Alzheimer’s, and regaining your footing after divorce or losing your spouse.

You’ve told us about the ones you love and how they fill your life with joy and meaning.
You’ve talked about people who inspire you with their courage and kindness.
You’ve even share a few rants about bad drivers and the US Congress.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your songs.

Here are some birds I’ve come across in my travels.

Canadian Geese in Boston Commons
Canadian Geese in Boston Commons
Welcome to Catalina Island
Welcome to Catalina Island
Red Robin on Canadian Golf Course
Red Robin on Canadian Golf Course
Oregon Duck
Oregon Duck
Hummingbird Palm Desert, CA
Hummingbird Palm Desert, CA
Sea Gull Catalina Island
Sea Gull Catalina Island

Have a great day!

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