This morning I read Psalm 104.
It has a title: Praise to the Sovereign LORD for His Creation and Providence.
As I read through this Psalm I started thinking about my grandson Silas.
He’s currently fascinated with tornadoes and hurricanes.
Of course, they are noisy and destructive. Perfect for young boys.
His new career ambition is Storm Chaser.

He spent the night Sunday and I missed a teachable moment.
He brought me the iPad to show me a video clip of a monster wave crashing into an oil rig.

If I’d been looking for the opportunity instead of focusing on making breakfast I’d have read Psalm 104 to him.
I’d have shown him verse 3: He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters, Who makes the clouds His chariot, Who walks on the wings of the wind.

I’d have used something that is fascinating to Silas as an opportunity to show him something fascinating about God.

I know I missed many opportunities with my own kids, but I thought I’d be better at this the second time around. I was operating on autopilot and momentarily forgot that the most important thing is to make the most of the moments when they want to engage with us and share something that’s obviously exciting to them.

I have a plan to help make a new moment.
I’m using my concordance and finding some more scriptures that describe God’s power as demonstrated in His creation.
Then I’m going to put them into a keynote presentation for Silas.
I’ll find some good video and photos of tornadoes and hurricanes and add a music clip.
Then add the verses.
Then I’ll send it to his dad’s iPad.

I found a few photos that show God getting creative with His water displays.
I want to share them with Silas too.

Boiling Water Yellowstone National Park

Boiling Water Yellowstone National Park

Big Waves Oregon Coast

Big Waves Oregon Coast


  1. Cool! How do I get into the distribution list for the presentation! I think Micah, Anna and Maggie would find it awesome! You are a great teacher…..

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