Just 30 minutes into a 6 hour drive I had a flat.
Now I’m sitting in a Les Schwab Tire Store waiting my turn while watching Country Music videos and wondering who buys the Giant Bubble Gum or Mike and Ike candies from the dispensers.
We are a cross section of America here this morning. Rural America no less which means some of us are a little above average in weight and possibly below average in education level.
The magazines are a bizarre mix of Outdoor Life and Jet Set Travel.
My favorite offering on the coffee table is a newspaper called AgAlert. It’s a weekly publication which tells you how seriously these people are about Ag.
The worst part of this experience is the funky smell of tires.
Correction: the worst part is now the music video remake of Elijah. There’s Country Music like Miranda Lambert or her hubby and then there’s this abuse of the airways.
They could play it instead of water boarding terrorists. They’d tell all to make it stop!



So my whole practicing gratitude thing has been road tested by this little delay.
But, once I got a handle on my frustration and my olfactory senses adapted to the funky smell, I found the Silver Lining.
There is some great art in the tire display. I give it best award for alternate use of Hub Caps.
It reminds me of the Found Art projects in lower division art classes at the local Community College.
Thanks to the good people at Apple who made the iPhone 5 and the App Store where I obtained this WP app.
Now do I get an A on the practicing gratitude thing?
Donuts would have been nice, but I don’t think there’s an equivalent delivery system to the Gumball machine.
Could some entrepreneur get on that please?

Published by Kelly Grace

Every day I look for God to touch my life. That intersection of the divine and the daily is what I write about here at A Really Full Life.

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  1. “Rural America no less which means some of us are a little above average in weight and possibly below average in education level.”
    I guess you have no sense how rather white bread arrogant that comes across do you ? You are so out of touch and wrapped up in your ‘ thin, higher educated ‘ rich white Christian elitist world that I’m sure you don’t. How sad you broke down and were forced to endure a short time with the more common folk. Maybe God planned it that way to force you among the ” heavier, dumber” folks for a time, you know the ones He loves even if they are not as thin and educated as you and your crowd…oh now, Praise the Lord on to Newport Beach and shopping…where you can wipe that Rural America off your precious Prada loafers….and hey Praise the Lord

    1. Did you miss the words I, we, and us used throughout the post? Or the fact that I was just 30 minutes from home? This is where I live and these are my people.
      The focus was on the frustration of car trouble a short time into a long trip, the funky smell of lots of tires in the store, and the irritating Country music video selection at 7:00 am.
      We were headed to Newport for a our grandson’s wedding.

      You made some very unkind assumptions.
      And, I was wearing flip-flops.

      1. Thanks Linda. I guess blogging is like any other print form of communication in that the reader can’t hear voice inflection or see facial expression that carry so much of the meaning and tone of what is said. I certainly never intended any insult and I’m glad you recognized a fellow country girl. Stop by and say howdy any time.

    2. Do you really think that less education means “dumber”? It means less training in our educational system. That has nothing to do either way with how smart you are or how you use it.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words.
      I knew I’d acquired a chronic case of Blogitis when a non-flattering comment immediately sparked an idea for a Blog post about Blogging Milestones—like my first Hater/Troll.

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