Unintended Consequences



OK here’s a status update: we got to LA just in time to join the community of workers now headed home from work.

My husband grew up in LA and has driven this freeway for 50 years. He says there has been no structural change but the traffic has increased by maybe a factor of 10.

Revisiting my new habit of practicing gratitude I am acknowledging and giving thanks for the world-class selection of radio stations found all around the dial here.
Drivers are skilled at close quarter maneuvers and exhibit a surprising amount of patience and generosity.
Air quality good.
Mexican food at El Cholo is a revelation.

I gotta go, my husband took advantage of my distraction and is listening to cheesy Talk Radio and 70’s Top Hits.

4 Comments on “Unintended Consequences

  1. I’m glad you’re using your time wisely. You could be playing WORDS, or were you?

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