Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


They shape and control our lives.


I start my mornings with Bible reading, prayer, and coffee.
It’s a comforting ritual that both awakens me and re-calibrates my soul before I have too many encounters with outside interruptions.

I recently came across the first dog collar I bought many years ago for a 7 week old Cocker Spaniel.
She’s been gone several years now, and I still feel a little alone when I go out to walk and she’s no longer at my side.

The Bible reading, the prayer, the walking, and even the coffee are all serving me well.
The desire for something sweet after lunch or dinner does not.

Thinking about habits reminded me of a book I read a couple of years ago.
I dug it out and found a passage I’d high-lighted.
I’m sharing it here in hopes that if you’re struggling with some habit that really is damaging,
you might be interested enough to get this book and find help.

When it comes to changing ourselves, here’s the biggest challenge:
The things we should do are often boring, uncomfortable, or even painful.
Ergo, we don’t want to do them. Well, that’s not completely accurate.
We want to do them-in the abstract, just not in the present.
. . .we too have plans for changing—-tomorrow.
We’re going to get up early, eat healthy fruit while shunning chocolate, exercise vigorously,
study abstruse but important journal articles that will enhance our careers, and stop losing our temper.
That’s right, tomorrow we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.
None of this tomorrow talk would be necessary if we could find a way to enjoy doing the right thing today.
We’re good at doing what we enjoy.
If only we enjoyed doing what is good for us, we wouldn’t have to resist our short-term impulses (never easy);
nor would we have to remove those impulses altogether (sometimes impossible).
If we could only convert our dislikes into likes, we’d be unstoppable.
But is it even possible to love what you hate?
Change Anything (p.47-48)

I’m a Christian and I believe God’s word has truth that can set you free from anything and everything that’s destructive.

I also believe this book is a great adjunct to the truth of Scripture;
it provides a highly workable structure for applying God’s word to specific areas of self-defeating behaviors.
The authors sought to help people struggling with smoking, over-eating, and drug/alcohol addiction.
If these principles can work with those entrenched behaviors, then they can help with the smaller issues that still undermine daily life.

Do you procrastinate?
Do you find yourself wondering what to make for dinner and it’s already 5:00pm?
Is there a layer of clutter covering the kitchen counters or the dining table that never seems to get put away?
Are you always running late?

In Change Anything you’ll find strategies that’ll enable you to discover and use vital behaviors
at crucial moments resulting in the change you have wanted for so long.

Need a Coach and plan to change a habit?
Try Lift


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit”

  1. Great post. I will definitely check this book out. I do much better than most people but I’ve got a few little things I can’t seem to gain control over. Perhaps this will help!

    1. Your observations on November struck a chord with me. October can be very warm where I live and we have to wait for November to really feel Fall’s arrival. Turning leaves are followed immediately by Holiday preparations!
      Thanks for your visit and I know you’ll find something for your life tools kit in Change Anything.

  2. I love the quote you started off with. A bunch of good thoughts altogether, too.

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