Calvary Chapel Bible Training Centre, Ghana

Calvary Chapel Bible Training Center, Ghana

Calvary Chapel Bible Training Center, Ghana

Every time we see this campus it has grown more beautiful, but the real beauty is in the ministry carried on through the wonderful and dedicated staff led by Pastor Donne Pougini. Each session about 70-75 men and women receive instruction in the Inductive Bible Study method. They listen to Pastor Chuck Smith’s teaching throughout the entire Bible and are also enriched by the teaching they receive from the staff in morning devotions and evening Bible Studies. Over a thousand men and women have completed the 8 month training and many are serving in churches and ministry throughout West Africa.

8 Comments on “Calvary Chapel Bible Training Centre, Ghana

      • I’ll be right there – I am ready. Praying for you and Gary and so blessed to see God using you in mighty ways. xoxo

      • You’d have loved today. The women are eager and smile easily even though you know their lives are filled with difficulty and need. It’s amazing:)

  1. so beautiful to see the changes that God brings on every student in the school,even for those you are not sure, cannot deny the that has happen in their life.God stills works wonders, moves mountains and Answers when his people call in is the testimony we share.

    • The students might not know it while they are with you there at the Training Centre, but God will use the experience throughout their lives. We are so thankful for you and the rest of the Staff who faithfully minister the word and are models of Christian love and character. 1 Timothy 4:12

  2. Please the contact details of CALVARY CHAPEL BIBLE TRAINING CENTRE, GHANA .
    Thank you in advance

  3. Dear friend in christ Im pardha saradhi from india. I’m interested to study in ur school. Please help me i didnt have any sponcer for my studies. Praying for reply.

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