Awesome Husband, PicMonkey, and Twitter Gold

chairs at the beach

Cool New Fonts from PicMonkey

I made this for my husband who recently received the prestigious
“Lowest Maintenance Husband” Award.

No joke, he’s a keeper.
And all the single gals said, “Where can we get one of those?”
He also knows how to slow dance.
Sweet 😀

I’ve shared with you before about PicMonkey.
(smart & curious types can check out posts way, way down at the bottom of this post)
They added some new fonts and I had to give them a shout-out on WP because bloggers need all the help we can get!!! 🌯
And—someone to read the stuff we write. Tweet this.
No don’t.
Well, you may if you’d like, but you’ll have to find your way to Twitter on your own.
No link provided because, well, I think it’s a little presumptuous.
I see that bossy link, Tweet This, in stuff I read online and I think, ” don’t they trust readers  to recognize Twitter Gold when we see it.”

Shakespearean Style Aside: Can you put quotation marks around what you thought, or do you have to say it out loud to merit quotation marks?
I try not to talk to myself, but I will if it means I can legitimately use quotation marks.

Speaking of help, which by now you were.
I know you were thinking to yourself, “this woman needs professional help.”
See—you got quotation marks.
I think thoughts qualify for quotation marks if there is no thought-bubble available in the blog platform being used.

Now I’ve done what all the professionals say you should never, ever, ever do.
I’ve buried my headline.
By now only .o4% of the 9 people who ever read anything I write are still reading.
The others have all clicked away.
That’s internet speak for ditched me.
They’ve shunned me, they’ve dissed me.
I’ve been voted off the Island.
I hung in there through the whole post, but they lacked stick-to-it-ive-ness.
If only they had persevered.
Please play the 3 second soundtrack to enhance the awesomeness of this experience.

Which one of the two of you still reading this post knows how to make a transparent circle with text and lay it over a photo?
And please don’t attempt to do the math that resulted in 2 being the number of readers still reading this post.
You’d need Calculus and String Theory, and Fractal Geometry to compute it.
I want to make things like this:

photo with text overlay

Something I shoplifted from the Internet for Educational purposes.

Please someone make my day and tell me I don’t need Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or some other $600.00 software to do this.

Hasn’t some graphics whiz kid made an easy app for this stuff?
What are they doing with all those grey cells?
With all that fancy Stanford or MIT education?
Curing cancer? Eradicating world poverty?
Making GIFs of Justin Bieber for tumblr?
Those are the only acceptable excuses!!!
Or a Malaria vaccine. That would be good too.

The comments section is wide open people!!!
Like K-Mart, there is no waiting on Aisle 4.
“Help me Obi-Wan Kanobi, you’re my only hope.”

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