#520 When a baby falls asleep on you

Just had this happen yesterday when my new great-grandson Isaiah fell asleep on my shoulder. His little baby snores and his sweet ‘new baby’ smell turned me to jelly 😀

1000 Awesome Things

You’re a human pillow.

Feel that tiny heart beating on your chest, that strawberry-sized hand gripping your finger, and those baby powder breaths softly whispering in and out…

When you were a little baby you fell asleep on people all the time, too. Now that you’re all grown up you’re helping another life on its way.

And just think: One day way off in the distance this softly sleeping snuggler will be doing the exact same thing.


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“I got back from vacation yesterday to my shipment of Books of Awesome and I am making my copy mandatory bed-time reading right now. You’ve inspired my boyfriend Lawren and I to share one awesome thing we experienced each day, as a reminder to start looking at all the wonderful things in life. Here are two pics of us enjoying your book in various ‘exotic…

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Every day I look for God to touch my life. That intersection of the divine and the daily is what I write about here at A Really Full Life.

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