I Will Worship You

back of woman with her head bowed

I Will Worship You


Without the eloquence of a David
the fiery passion of an Isaiah
or the intimate knowledge of a Paul
In my own way

I will worship You


For the world and everything in it
declare divine design and infinite power
An incomparable mind
offering itself and all to us

I will worship You


See the lowly fern as fronds unfurl and hint of majestic robes
Rollicking Humpbacks make fluid play of strength
Birdsong a melody of grace
Whispered words from a bowed low face

I will worship You


Shadowed glimpses of Who You are
The gift hints of goodness beyond imagination
Power without limits says hello
Peerless wisdom extends an invitation to come and dine

I will Worship You


Photo Volkan Olmez https://unsplash.com

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