Today You’re the Perfect Age

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Last night trying to do downward facing dog I thought to myself, “You’re too old for this”!


But that just can’t be true.
I was reading through the early chapters of Genesis this morning, stiff muscles and all, and I saw that Noah was like 500 years old when he started building the ark and 600 when he finished it and the rain began.

What if Noah had thought, “I’m too old for this”?
Where would we all be?
Well, we wouldn’t be at all, or ever, but that’s not the point.

Grandma Moses started ‘painting in earnest at 78’ when her arthritis made embroidery too painful.   1500 canvases according to Wikipedia.

I have two friends who both got their PhD’s at 60.  Freaky overachievers 🙂

Today we are the perfect age for whatever God has for us to do.

How do I know that?
Because we’ve reached today.
You can’t argue with that logic.
And why would you want to?  With a whole world out there of stuff to do we’ll find plenty of nay-sayers and plenty of adversity.

I’m just saying, let’s not let something as meaningless as the number of candles on a cake limit us.

Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.
Danny Kaye

Happy Weekend!



Published by Kelly Grace

Every day I look for God to touch my life. That intersection of the divine and the daily is what I write about here at A Really Full Life.

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  1. Hey Kelly! Someone said, “age only matters if you are cheese!” I like that and totally agree withave your sentiments. Debbie

    1. What are you—an elephant 🙂
      Who remembers stuff from posts that are over 4 years old???

      I’m gonna be very embarrassed if you weren’t making reference to that old post 😉
      But I’m very happy to hear that one person in the universe agrees with me.
      That’s one more than usual. Today’s turning into a very good day for me, sore muscles and all.

  2. This is so true! Two of my best friends are retired and have gone back to college. One to finish a degree he started 40 years ago and the other to get an additional degree in History. My 90-yr-old neighbor has been taking computer classes at a local community college and teaching computer classes at the local Senior Center. You can make a difference at any age.

    1. I love, love, love Community College! It’s one of the best places to keep learning and engaging. Meeting a 90 year old in class would be a bonus. The wisdom and experience of a long life is priceless—or at least worth buying them lunch to hear a few stories and observations 🙂 Learning and sharing what we learn—now that’s the circle of life.

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