I’m Moving This Blog ~ Here’s How to Find It

First a Thank You

I want to say thank you to those of you who’ve read and commented through the years. You’re a generous group and I’ve loved our interactions. I’ve learned so much about such a variety of topics from what you’ve shared on your blogs. Everything from Bible truth to recipes to the best photos of doors, you guys have kept it interesting and always been a kind and uplifting community.

My Why

Some of you noticed that there’s been a big gap in between posts ~ like 1.5 years 🙂 I tried blogging on another platform and found I really liked some of the features that aren’t available here on WP.com.
And, I’ve felt a leading to refine the focus of my writing. Many of you know I’m married to a pastor and our life has been spent in Christian ministry. I’ve been teaching on Marriage and Family Life for a long long time and the truth is that’s where my heart is.

When this blog debuts on WordPress.org the focus will be exclusively on Christian living. I want to write the blog I wish I’d had as a young Christian wife and mother. I remember the struggles and challenges and I think the world today makes the job even harder.

My New Address

My new address is my old address because I’ve had a custom domain for several years. So if you search for kellyjgrace.com you’ll find me, but I’m not sure what happens for those of you who follow me via the Reader. Or you can always subscribe by email.

If you know any young Christian moms who’d like a blog designed with them in mind please pass along this invitation.

God Bless,


2 thoughts on “I’m Moving This Blog ~ Here’s How to Find It”

  1. I love it Kelly! Looking forward to your entries….and I will pass them onto the young women around me. Love you. Let’s keep keeping on…”REfired” by Him!

  2. Good luck Kelly. I follow you via email, so I hope the connection holds. If not, I’ll remember at some point and poke around. Writing should be fun and fulfilling for you first. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts.

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