If I wrote a Memoir I’d call it ~ Out Of Order
My life’s a testimony to the truth that you don’t have to do everything perfect to have a beautiful life.

Pregnant at 15 and newly married I became a mom just weeks before my 16th birthday. Not the order you’re suppose to follow on the path to happy ever after. I started college at 30 as a recently single parent with 3 kids to raise. And at almost 66 I’m learning how to create online courses in a fledgling new career venture. WHAT??? Crazy, right? Definitely out of order. But I feel more alive and passionate each day about my life and walk with Jesus.

Not only have I done things out of the recommended order, but I’ve been out of order personally, as in broken. I remember even as a young girl actively searching for the something else that would make my life make sense. That thing that answered the big questions philosophers grapple with. Why am I here? Is there a larger meaning and scope for my life? And the biggest one of all ~ is there really a God Who cares about me? 

At 17 God answered my questions and began mending my brokenness. He’s been my Rock, my strength, and my LORD for almost 50 years. The beauty, joy and blessings in my life are all results of His promises, grace and transforming power at work in me. My story is mine, it’s unique to me and your story, though probably wildly different, is also uniquely yours.

None of us walk the same path with God.

You’re one of a kind and the script God’s written for your story, the plan He envisions for your life is unfolding day by day. Each new sunrise gives you a fresh chance to discover and live out that brilliant divinely conceived plan.

But have you ever found yourself wondering how to do your part in fleshing out God’s design? His plan for your life?




My Passion

In my 40+ years of Christian ministry I’ve seen women struggle as they try to connect the truth they believe with the life they live each day. 

Our problem isn’t that we don’t know the principles, it’s that we can’t get our hands on the application. We get stuck in the gap between knowledge and wisdom, between knowing and becoming. We get caught up in the hard work of marriage and the overwhelm of raising our families and we easily lose our focus on discovering and putting into practice God’s plans for us and our family.

That’s what I write about here.

You’ll find practical help for your own walk with God, for your marriage and for becoming a truly effective Christian parent. 

The Bible is a big, beautiful, deep, divinely inspired, sometimes hard to grasp, wellspring of all that God wants you to know about Him, about yourself and about the incredible potential you have for living a life that matters forever ~ a truly beautiful life. 

Next year I’ll celebrate 50 years of walking with God. My passion is to share the lessons He’s taught me so that you can benefit from both my victories and especially my failures. I want to help you make better faster progress on your journey by being mindful and deliberate in the way you take in truth and allow it to transform you. Spiritual growth doesn’t have to take decades. Jesus said, ‘you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’ 


My Goals

to write what I wish had been available to me 50 years ago.
to offer you the essentials for experiencing love, joy and peace in your life.
to help you navigate the difficulties of discouragement, trials and loss.
to Help you discover ways to Open Your child’s heart to God.
to show you How you can make your marriage better and then ‘more better’.
to share the best books, Bible teachers and spiritual practices I’ve found.
For You to be blessed that you came, read and were moved to let god do something new in your life.
Simply put, my goal is to serve you, to share my spiritual gift, my life experience and above all the truth that has power to transform us, conforming us to the image of Christ.


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