Does Your Bible Reading Kindle a Fire in Your Heart?

  What would it be like if Jesus led your personal Bible reading/study time?   In a word—awesome!   When it happened to a couple of  bummed out disciples walking along a dusty road to Emmaus, they said “. . .our hearts burned within us while he talked to us on the road, while He […]

How To Get Rid of Icky Feelings

I hate it when life goes from Technicolor to black and white and icky feelings creep into my heart. They’ve usually hitched a ride on unkind thoughts spawned of misunderstandings, less than stellar behavior, or the more common varieties of thoughtlessness.  It doesn’t matter if I’m the victim or the perpetrator.  Either way the track […]

I Want A Designer Label On My Life

The thing that distinguishes an artist is the ability to appreciate the potential for beauty in things usually overlooked or discarded. This quirky piece of art sits along Interstate 5 south of Stockton. On a cloudy January day it was strangely beautiful standing in relief against the wintery yellow field and a foggy shroud of […]

Finding The Place Where The Light Comes In

  God does work in strange ways.   At least in my life. Strange, but disguised as natural.  In this case He has held in reserve for the perfect time a needed word and then delivered it at the time when it would have maximum impact for heart comfort, mind clarity, and soul peace. I […]

Encouragement For Every Wife With An Unbelieving Husband

It seems to you like this will never change.   From your perspective this is gonna go on until . . .  well, forever. Nothing has happened even though you’ve prayed.  The days turn into years and he’s just not interested in spiritual things. It’s enough to make a grown woman cry. And you have. […]

I Must Not Be Doing Christian Right.

  It seems like it should be easier after 43 years. I must not be doing Christian right. Shouldn’t I continually feel God’s presence and absolutely know His ‘perfect’ will by now?  Why don’t I pray without ceasing? Why don’t I live a more selfless life?  These are the questions I can waste a lot […]