Mirrored: People Are Like Telephones



Consistency is something I value in myself and others. I don’t mean exercising every day, or always ordering the same kind of salad dressing. I’m talking about a consistency of the interior and the exterior of me as a person. Does my walk look anything like my talk? Do I live out the values of the real me, even when I know I’m gonna get some grief from doing it?

The hardest part is digging down to get to the stuff that makes us each who we are.
Once we find our ‘stuff’ we have to find the courage to share who we are with others.

Do you know the Bill Murray movie, What About Bob?
Where other people are concerned I try to follow the immutable wisdom of Bob Wiley.

You know what I do? I treat people like they’re telephones. If I meet somebody who I don’t think likes me I just say to myself ‘Bob, this one’s out of order. Just hang up and try again’.
Bob Wiley, What About Bob?

The people I like and respect most are always mirrors.
They clearly reflect on the outside what they genuinely are inside.
Even when I don’t agree with a person’s opinions or choices, I respect the integrity of living by one’s own values in a sincere and transparent way.

‘Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.’
Judy Garland


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