World Wide Web Turns 25: Quarter Century of Connection

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I love the Web and I want to wish it a Happy 25th Birthday!

I rank it up there with:
The Wheel
The Electric Lightbulb  
A vaccine for smallpox and one for polio

The World Wide Web is the defining invention of our lifetime.
Just try to imagine life without the web.
How could we work, learn, or play without it?

So I want to say thanks to Tim Berners-Lee for making it and freely sharing it with the world.
He was awarded the first ever Millennium Technology Prize in 2004 and received a cash prize of $1.2 million dollars for his invention of the web and its contribution to humanity.
He said he wanted it to be free so that everyone could and would use it.
That was so nice of him.
If you made something as cool as that would you just give it to people for free?

Here are some boring looking—but not boring articles about the WWW.
At least I didn’t think so.
I really enjoyed the second one!!!

So the next time you’re on WordPress, or on FB, Pinterest, Zappos, Amazon, or I Can Has Cheezburger?, you might want to utter a little thank you to Tim for his cool invention that made it all possible.

For the Science freaks I added Tim’s original proposal which his boss called ‘vague, but exciting’.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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