The Road to Hell is Paved, Really? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Every time I hear that phrase I’m tempted to ask questions. There’s a road, really? Paved, really? My goal for this Daily Prompt on Great Expectations was a less spiritual and a more practical business spin on the old cliche. Knowing nothing about business, I […]

The Appeal of Made in Vermont

I can still taste the creamy strawberry Ben & Jerry’s that tickled my tastebuds on a cold February afternoon. It wasn’t an ‘ice cream’ day, but then Ben & Jerry’s isn’t just ice cream. Known as a Vermont Original the quirky names and flavors have an appeal that make Hagen Daz seem pretentious. Vermont churns […]

Am I the Only One Still Awake on This Airplane?

Yep, I’m the only one awake on this plane not wearing a Lufthansa uniform. I’m lousy at sleeping on planes. It is frankly a weird feeling, but when out of boredom I raise the window shade I realize the upside. For the first time ever we are flying over the Great Sahara in daylight. Flying […]

How Ben Silbermann of Pinterest Cleaned Out My File Cabinet Today’s Assignment: publish a post that includes a new-to-you element. I’ve chosen my Pinterest Board ~ Interior Design. While Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann and a few programmers were still operating Pinterest out of an apartment I joined up and started ‘pinning’. I’ve had a life-long love affair with Interior design, good upholstered furniture, and […]

You Bring Out The Greedy In Me Dear Zero To Hero, I have enough temptation in my life without you giving us an assignment that can only end in discontentment and heartache!  You make me feel like these sharks—so many choices, which one shall I go after? . . .the eye is not satisfied with seeing,. . . Ecclesiastes 1:8 I […]

The Deep And Real Reason Behind This Blog’s Name

Zero to Hero Challenge Day 2 This assignment made me think about the name I chose for this blog and in doing that I realized that on the surface it’s a TERRIBLE NAME. Who wants A REALLY FULL LIFE? Everyone wants a SIMPLE LIFE. AN EASY LEFE. A PEACEFUL LIFE. A PROSPEROUS LIFE. MAYBE EVEN […]

In Which We Are Introduced  ‘Selfie’ was the word of the year in 2013,  so here I am last Spring in Italy.   I’m participating in The Daily Post’s Zero to Hero: 30 Days To A Better Blog Challenge ~ even though I can’t type that title without cringing. The tasks they assign will force me to access some […]