Getting in the Pool is Easy, It’s Getting in the Swimsuit that Freaks Me Out

Thoughts on swimsuit readiness, skinny Italian Chefs, and DIY Spiritual Fitness advice from Jude. Are you ready for summer and swimsuit weather? Yikes!!! Not quite ready for that just yet? Neither am I. Today I got on the Nordic Track to work out while watching the Food Network. Afterwards I felt stronger and carb crazy. […]

What I Learned in March

Today is another opportunity for mindfulness.   For paying attention to what God has been speaking to me throughout March.   I started doing this because Emily Freeman graciously made a place for us to share on her blog.   I really enjoy it and even those of you that don’t blog might find it […]

Good Eye

When our son was young he played Little League. Two practices a week and a game on Saturday. Back then parents were pretty tame and nobody got too worked up. Everyone minded their manners and there was no yelling at coaches or harassing the opponents. We did, however, try to encourage anything good the kids […]

What Made Us Think Being Christian Should Be Easy?

I’ve been a Christian long enough to know that following Jesus means always walking uphill. I fail every day as a Christian, and you probably do too. It doesn’t take a theologian to know believers, even devout ones, sin. But do we have to do it so much, so often, and in such big ways? […]

For Your Own Good: Learn To Control Yourself

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. Proverbs 25:28 ESV Do you struggle with self-control? Do you have a bad temper, do you procrastinate, indulge yourself in too much junk food, or just too much food, or watch too much TV, or possibly shopping is your thing. A […]

I’d Like To Thank Those Who Helped Me

Who helped you grow into the person you are now? We’ve all had help getting where we are as people. Tonight as I watched The Golden Globes I listened to the winners thank their mentors. When I was a young wife and mother far from my own Mom God brought some special women into my […]

A Short List For the New Year

Some of you may know Ann Voskamp. You can read her recent post at the link provided. In that post she featured a very cool list. The contents are great, but the design is exceptional. I gave about an hour to researching how she did it and came up empty. I found 10 sites that […]

What I Learned in December

Emily Freeman is hosting ‘What We Learned in December’. Here’s what I learned. ~ Cyclamen look great as Christmas decorations planted in the pots on my front porch.   Next year I’m using more white ones than red so that after Christmas I can pull out the red ones and add a few primrose in […]

Will You Make a Success of Your Marriage?

Each of us has a unique set of ingredients that need to be in the mix for us to consider our own marriage a success. Did you catch the unique part? What works for your friends might not work for you. And what works for you must also work for your spouse. Marriage is a […]

Why Climbing the Wall is So Good for Us

When life begins to take me to school I feel like staying home sick. Especially when I know I’m repeating a course that I’ve failed before. Meeting the steep uphill parts of life gets frustrating and makes more than just my calves hurt. What changes if I began to think VERY DIFFERENTLY about the uphill […]

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