Because Making A Difference Makes A Difference To That One

Ever heard the phrase, a sea of humanity?
Thinking of it brings to mind the promise of Jesus to Peter and Andrew.
Follow Me and I’ll make you fishers of men.

This week it seems as if the world is headed into a dangerous conflict in the Middle East.
As Christians we know that’s inevitable.

I was in a Doctor’s office and the young woman at Reception is from Ukraine. She is concerned for family members still living there.

Twin tornado funnels in Nebraska. Continued drought in the West and flooding in the East.

We are bombarded with news—and most news is BAD NEWS.

There is an upside though.
Sometimes the BAD NEWS gives you an opportunity to share the GOOD NEWS.
After 911 churches were filled.

Remember the Starfish Story?
Spoiler Alert!!!
The punchline of the story is the boy’s comment, “I made a difference to that one.”

Jesus promised to teach us how to be fishers of men.
If you ask, He’ll give you an opportunity.
Do you know what you’d say?
Get ready, the tide’s going out and the beach is gonna be full of flopping fish 😉



It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


  • Beautiful Kelly! The beach is going to be full! 🙂 One at a time – just one. Thank you.

    • You said it, one at a time! The gospels and the epistles do record days when even thousands responded to a message. But through the centuries the beautiful message of forgiveness and new life in Christ has been spoken from one full heart to another needing heart. And it does make a difference to that one 😉 Thank you to Zella who shared with me!

  • Love this. Indeed we know what is to come. All considered, things are rather rosy these days.


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