How Do You Measure Your Own Spiritual Growth?

How do you know you’re growing spiritually?
As Christians we attend church, read our Bibles, maybe go to a mid-week service or Home Bible Study, but how can we actually tell that we are growing in Christ and becoming more mature as believers?

Our experience is described as a race.
Do you ever wonder where you are in the course of your own race?

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The key question is, are you further along than you were a month ago, a year ago?
Forward progress is crucial.
Wouldn’t it be great if there were milage markers in the Christian life?
Maturity would be measured, not time spent or distance covered on the course.
When you’d grown enough you’d pass another marker.

Well, yesterday I passed a marker.

In September I wrote a post called Are You Spoiling Your Own Marriage?

Are You Spoiling Your Own Marriage?

Yesterday morning this is what I saw as I went into the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

The truth had set me free.
I felt no irritation, no little tape played in my head rehearsing my husband’s flaws, and I literally had no negative response.
I just threw away the used package and put the other back in the drawer and closed it.

Our lives are chock full of little opportunities to learn big lessons.
And once in awhile God lets us see what He sees.

The sanctification process has been working producing spiritual transformation in us.
He’s made us a little more like Jesus.
A little more of the character of Christ has been formed in us.

God changes our thoughts by showing us the truth.
In September He showed me my heart.
Yesterday He showed me a little of His art.
The way He makes beauty by replacing selfishness and criticism with love and service.


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