Your Weaknesses Shine The Light On God’s Power

You may be thinking about it all wrong when you contemplate your weaknesses.

Have you ever noticed that many things in God’s economy are polar opposites of how things are in the world we live in?

The wisdom of this world says you have to love yourself in order to love others.
That’s bogus.
We all love ourselves. I’m not making that up. I have it from a higher source.

For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it . . .
Ephesians 5:29

And yet so often we fail in loving others. It’s an American cultural myth that loving ourselves is a prerequisite for loving others. To love others we just need to put their needs before our own.
That’s the part that we struggle with.
You know it and I know it.

Satan told us the lie about loving ourselves first.

He’s also told us another whopper!
He whispers that we can’t be used by God effectively because we’re weak.

And we know we’re weak. We get that.
We don’t have the spiritual muscles of the apostles or saints of old.
Who has what it takes nowadays to slay the giant?
None of us can single-handedly defeat the Philistine army.

How do you picture Samson?
You know the guy who killed a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass.
The guy who pulled up the gates of Gath and carried then to Hebron.
They weighed between 4000-5000 pounds and the posts were sunk about 4 feet into the ground.
And yes, he’s the guy who dated Delilah and ended up blind and pushing a grinding wheel.

Who do you see when you think of Samson? Russell Crowe?
My husband says he pictures him more like Woody Allen. A scrawny little guy with no muscles to flex.

That doesn’t fit with our idea of strength, but it’s not a problem for God. He doesn’t need our strength. He’s got Almighty in His name. He doesn’t need our brains, He has all knowledge.

He doesn’t need anything from us but a willing heart.

. . .I am with you; that is all you need. My power shows up best in weak people.”
2 Corinthians 12:9a Living Bible

Whatever your weaknesses they aren’t a limitation for God.
Don’t let Satan convince you they are.
Whatever His reasons God decided to use people like you and me to help others find Him.
To share His love and His message.

There are lots of reasons we aren’t up to the job.
We all have plenty of weaknesses and faults, but God is greater than our inadequacies.

Jesus said, ‘Apart from Me you can do nothing”.
But He also said WITH GOD all things are possible.

Whatever God has planned for you to do, you can do it WITH GOD.
That way all the glory and praise is focused where it should be, on God.


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  • Kelly – your words are ping ping ping – and then a plunk: “That way all the glory and praise is focused where it should be, on God.”

    Is it just me … because as a parent I get pure joy from the pleasure my child gains in “doing something” they thought they couldn’t. “Our perfect creation” being chuffed to buttons with their success. Glory and praise to our child – this wondrous creation of love!

    I would be uncomfortable if on each occasion they said: “that’s not me, I am nothing without you.” I love them too much.

    • Hi Paul, I don’t know if it’s just you 😉 The written word doesn’t carry vocal inflection and of course we can’t control the ‘tone’ someone else assigns to our words. I’m a proud mama, grandma, and great-grandma so I know the feeling you’re describing of rejoicing in a child’s accomplishments. My intention was to communicate the truth that God wants us to participate in His work in spite of our weaknesses and inadequacies.
      Thanks for sharing how this ‘sounded’ to you. I appreciate the humor with which you conveyed your response.

  • I couldn’t agree more with the truth of the Word of God! Thanks for sharing, Kelly.
    Amen and Amen!


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