Kindergarten, A Very Good Year

school photo of girl in Kindergarten

How clearly do you remember your first year of school?

Kindergarten was a great experience for me. My world expanded!
I discovered new playmates and a new experiences at Meadow Lane Elementary School 😉

My sister and I walked to school through a cow field on an elevated wooden walkway built for that very purpose.
This was 1958, it just sounds like 1858.
There was a playground with swings and a merry-go-round. At lunch we had milk in unforgettably cute little cartons followed by story time and a nap. One perfect day followed another as I learned numbers, shapes, colors, and followed the adventures of Dick, Jane, their generic baby brother and their dog Spot.

Some kids are forever etched in memory.
I remember laughing to myself as Mike Mitchell clung to Mrs. Mitchell’s skirts whaling and flailing as our teacher tried to pull him away.
Negotiations had broken down completely and the teacher had given Mrs. Mitchell the nod to ‘take a powder’ and just let her get on with making a man out of little Mike.
I have to hand it to Mrs. Mitchell. She did leave and for the next week she pushed Mike into the room and never crossed the threshold herself. By the following week Mike came into our class under his own steam.
I’d like to tell you that this difficult challenge was the first step in him becoming a Navy Seal and carrying out heroic Special Ops, but I don’t know what career he pursued.

I read once in a child psychology text that about 90% of our personalities are set by age 5.
Do you think you’ve changed, at your core, from the child you were in kindergarten? Can you see things about yourself that were already a part of the 5 year old you?

My 5 year old self shared traits that are still part of my personality.

    I was outgoing and highly social.
    I liked everyone, even Mike Mitchell.
    I didn’t play favorites or exclude others.
    I always stuck up for the underdog.
    I really enjoyed learning.
    I loved school.

Life can and should be a long adventure in learning and growth.
There are things about my personality that showed up as I grew up.
Like a temper.
After I became a Christian God began to ‘teach’ me how to subdue it. I’m far from perfect, and I’m still a hot-reactor, but I’ve learned to be angry and sin not. I don’t have to speak or act unkindly, I can find the grace to overcome my own default response.

How about you?
Were you anxious as a child? Have a temper? Selfish? Insecure and always seeking attention? Overbearing or arrogant? Stubborn or lazy?
Did some of those traits tag along into your adult life?
God is the only perfect parent and He follows us throughout our lives offering to help us grow in character and wisdom.
Don’t keep struggling on your own, ask Him to help you grow up in all things in Christ.

And I am sure that God who began the good work within you will keep right on helping you grow in his grace until his task within you is finally finished on that day when Jesus Christ returns.
Philippians 1:6 TLB


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  • Oh yes indeed memories still exist in my skull of those days, some great others not so great but school was pretty cool though. The early years were more difficult. I am in many ways, not the person I was at twenty-something. Older, more egg shaped and wiser.

    • Gravity has exerted it’s unrelenting force on most of us over 50! I should have stood on my head more. I think if you can say you’re older AND wiser, then that’s a win!!! We can’t do much about aging, but we can choose to gain wisdom. Good choice John 😉

  • I was an introvert, I suppose that is the same to a certain extent. A writers life is pretty solitary so that works for me! I’m not as shy as I was, although I still have my moments. I think being a cub scout leader of 14 boys knocked that out of me…..
    I guess I can see that. I really remember being a pretty fearful child, not sure why. I think I would have liked you 🙂

    • Two of my best friends growing up were introverts. I think they felt being with me took some of the pressure of conversation off of them. One of them taught me the value of lying on the grass and watching clouds without saying a word.
      Kids pull us out of ourselves and into their world. I’m sure they loved you as their cub scout leader, you have a kind smile 😉
      I would have pushed you on the swings and not let anyone take your turn away.

      • Awww…thanks Kelly! I really liked the swings….and I used to lie for hours looking at the clouds. Still do some times with my youngest who is sixteen….he’s so fun!

      • Lisa you’re blessed to have a 16 year old son who’ll hang out with you looking at clouds! It’s a rarity in our world today. And a kid who makes you laugh is worth their weight in gold 😉

  • Oh boy… I was painfully shy in Kindergarten – and I mean painfully! But fortunately I’ve “come out of my shell,” and have learned to be more outgoing!

    • So glad to hear it! We’d miss you here on WP 😉 kindergarten can be stressful for children and I’m sure it’s harder for shy ones to make the adjustment.

  • I was an introvert in Kindergarten and pretty much throughout school and life, so I guess that was wet by 5. I did enjoy school that year, but not always. It is amazing what you can remember from those days.

  • You are adorable in this photo!! I too remember kindergarden, St. Ignacious in Chicago Illinois, and the life size doll house in the classroom…there was even a slide that we were allowed to use on Wednsday’s (if I remember correctly). One of my many memories is of playing in the doll house and picking out of the toy box all of the dolls and stuffed animals that no one wanted, and putting them in my buggy for a ride. The kids made fun of me. I think one doll was missing her head, and a teddy bear lacked one eye. All were dirty and broken. I told the kids that these toys needed love too. Funny how life has not changed much for me. Im grateful that God picked me, a throw away, and put me in his buggy. <3

    • You found your ministry calling in kindergarten!!! Awesome 😉 You had a dollhouse in your classroom? Of course it was Chicago where the winters are pretty brutal. Kindergarten in California meant playing outside on most school days. XOXO


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