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Marriage can be hard, but it can also be better. Not PERFECT, just better. Pick one tip and start. You may be surprised how good it makes you feel. Grab this freebie and Rock the List!!!

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Want a Better Marriage Now?
Perfect Marriages are like unicorns, not really real. But a Better Marriage is absolutely possible. So here's a list for you of 25 Powerful Tips for a Better Marriage Now. What have you got to lose? It's free! And I can tell you from personal experience the blessings will start piling up as you make small investments in your relationship.
- Kelly Grace

Meet Kelly


As Christians we should be the most full of life joyful people on planet Earth! After all, we know God personally. Our sins are forgiven, our burdens cast on Him, our future safe in His loving hands. Does that describe you?
Instead I meet many Christian women who are struggling in rocky marriages or fatigued from the constant overwhelm of kids and work. 
Everything here is created to help you reconnect to the joy of your salvation, the power of His truth to transform you and the wonder of His love to fill your empty places.