The Proverbs 31 Woman and Technology

Well it happened.
My beloved 27″ iMac hard drive died a sudden death taking a yet to be determined amount of my photos, documents, etc with it.

I have a new name for episodes like this: mini-trials.
Mini-trials are still better than many trials.

I’m going to ask for your kind indulgence today while I work out some technical difficulties.

Today, instead of a fresh, insightful, life-changing post about the Proverbs 31 Woman, I’m offering a rerun of an old , old, post called Motherhood and the Invention of Digital Cameras.
Now you know why I never went into advertising.
If you have kids or enjoy photography you might like it.


Talk about being unprepared!

No, actually I’ve been talking about being prepared.
But, I wasn’t.
I thought I was.
I thought we had Time Capsule.
I thought we had a back-up service.

We did have Time Capsule until my husband change the configuration in his office and eliminated it.
We did have a back-up service, but hubby cancelled it as of September 1, 2013.

I was presumptuous.
I was negligent.
I should have backed things up.

So I now have a plan.
Better late than never.
Use an external drive for back-up, cost ~ $100.00

I’ve preached to others that God cares about the smallest aspects of our lives, so this ‘data transfer long shot’ is on my prayer list.
The wunderkind at the Genius Bar showed me how to try and retrieve small portions of data from my ‘fried’ hard drive and transfer them to my brand spanking new hard drive.
I don’t believe in keeping my fingers crossed, but I do believe God cares about even this stuff and He may in His great wisdom and according to His great plan give this the divine OK.

If you’re only concerned about saving your photos you might consider Picture Keeper.
Low tech, easy to use (according to Amazon customers who purchased it) and relatively inexpensive.
Which is not bad for something priceless like photos of your kids as they were growing up.
Can’t repeat that, right?
They’re only young once.
So take it from me, have a back-up plan!


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