Weekly Photo Challenge: Never Have Another Bad Hair Day Again


Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days!


‘Doing my hair’ can consume about 40 minutes out of a day before I’ve had a second cup of coffee.

Doing my hair while traveling to remote African villages is almost impossible.
I finally bought a blow dryer designed for 220 electrical after my other one blew up, burned out, or coincidentally reached its expiration date.

We’re near the southern part of the Great Sahara Desert.

It’s the dry season.
There’s no false advertising in that label.
Is there a hair conditioner equipped for this climate? Not in my bag!

So I’ve gone native.

I bought local cloth and learned, after about 6 minutes, how to tie it securely and comfortably.
I wonder how much more productive American women would be if we collected all those 10-40 minutes of hair prep every day for a year and funneled it into something that actually mattered, like personal relationships, walking the dog, prayer, or meal prep.

There are countless inefficiencies in Africa, but the ubiquitous headscarf isn’t one of them.
I rank it right up there with the invention of the microwave and carpools.


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