3 Actions that Increase Your Happiness

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Do you want more happiness, joy, and contentment in your life?
Then remember to ASK.

Accept the ones you live with and love.
Ditto for those at work or school.
You can’t change other people and the undercurrent of your criticism and condemnation will pollute any relationship. Remember that you’re not perfect and others frequently make allowances for your shortcomings.

Support others in their everyday struggles, their work, and their aspirations.
It costs you little and can mean a great deal to the one who feels burdened, unsure, or just isolated.
Who do you know that needs an encouraging word? A homeschooling Mom or an unemployed senior?
Sometimes just the reminder that they’re in your prayers is enough to brighten someone’s day. Then pray for them!

Know that you are making a contribution, even in a small way, to another’s life.
We’re all looking for significance and meaning.
And our own happiness blossoms when we are part of someone else’s joy.

Who needs your support and encouragement today?
Your spouse, your child, or a friend you met in the grocery store?
If you’re looking for the need, you’ll find it.

Here’s a list of 27 Ways To Make Someone’s Day Awesome:


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