A Promise You Can Trust


Whatever we might be stressing over God wants us to know He will perfect the thing that concerns us.

That word perfect means to complete, to finish, to bring to an end.

Psalm 138 is a Psalm of David in praise for answered prayer.
Whenever I’m waiting for God to work at perfecting something in my life, I run through my memory banks and remind myself of all the times He’s perfected things in my life.
It’s a way I activate my patience and faith.
It’s the way I calm the anxiousness that steals my peace and joy.

Try it next time you start playing the worry tapes in your head.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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  • We all have some “worry tapes” in our archives. Some have a bigger collection than others! As believers we need to “pull the pin” and let them unravel into uselessness.

    Like you encouraged, we must remind ourselves of those “stones of rememberance” and revisit them often to direct our thoughtlife to God’s faithfulness, deliverance, and timing of His good plans. When we do, isn’t it wonderful how the peace, contenment, and joy flow?

    Going to make the choice to “pull some pins” today and remember His faithfulness ! 🙂


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