hello, I'm Kelly
Blogger | Podcaster | Jesus Girl | Grace-believing Optimist

My passion: to help you create a life of vibrant faith and limitless joy.

Hey, there!

I’m Kelly and I’m here to serve you by sharing the most transformative lessons I’ve learned from years of Bible study and my own long spiritual journey. I’ve culled through my notebooks and journals to unearth the best of what God has taught me over the last 50 years. Now I’m sharing it all with you. These are the very resources I wish I’d had available when I was where you are right now.

Decades of leading Women's Bible Study, Women's Ministry, and simply being a Pastor’s wife have given me the opportunity to see how essential God’s word is to a woman’s life. And how powerful it is at helping us grow in faith and holiness. It’s been a joy and privilege through the years to be trusted by many as a source of spiritual truth and counsel.

Here’s what I know for certain: 

We all struggle to live our best life. To be authentic. To live a life that truly reflects what we believe most deeply and value most highly. In other words, an abundant life.

My guess is we all have a little nagging suspicion that it’s not the life we live most of the time.

The lessons

Gathered over almost half a century of walking with Jesus, these are the truths and lessons that time after time pulled me out of the mire and set my feet on the rock. They gave me beauty for ashes, joy in times of sadness, and praise that triumphed over despair. 

These lessons walked me through miscarriages, a really bad marriage, and into a whole new chapter of life and ministry. They equipped me for a satisfying godly marriage and the big important job of motherhood. Most of all, they led me into an incredible friendship with God!

Walk with me

I may not know you personally, but I love you completely as a sister in Christ and I’m rooting for you to be wildly successful in your walk with Jesus, in your marriage, and in raising your family.  

If you’ll let me help, I’ll come alongside you with encouragement, exhortation, and comfort. In other words, my intent is to build you up, stir you up and cheer you up. After all, we’re headed for heaven and the journey, though challenging in spots, should also be thrilling and fun as we watch God do amazing things in our lives. 

Sisters on the Journey

and that’s what I want to offer you.

If you get this right, joy and power will flood back into your life. Looking back at my younger self, I realize now what I needed most was:
• encouragement in my faith
• clarity about applying the truth to my everyday experiences
• a few simple practices to ease the overwhelm and nurture my spiritual growth. 

Spiritual growth is a result of connection.

Core Belief #1:

And that’s why I refuse to add to your overwhelm and information overload. I’m here to encourage you, motivate you, and offer solutions you can use for real results.

You’ll discover new momentum when you take even small steps in the right direction. Your confidence and motivation will soon push out the doubt and confusion that kept you stuck.

Just take the next right steps.

Core Belief #2:

If you’re looking for a place and community to help you start enjoying and deepening your Christian life, welcome! Let’s make it fun, let’s make it real and let’s start right now!

• Break through your limiting beliefs.
• Cast aside your old fears and doubts.
• Grab hold of everything your Heavenly Father has promised you. 
• Say ‘yes’ today to His invitation to a life of vibrant faith and limitless joy

Here, we believe in both boundless joy and following actionable steps to bring our lives in line with God's plan, so that you can:

Jesus has offered you abundant life, but what does that look like? An abundant life means you:
• feel fully satisfied
• bask daily in God’s everlasting love for you
• sense the Holy Spirit’s guidance
• experience His limitless power within you as you move through your day
• frequently enjoy victory over your own inclinations to sin and selfishness
• know all of this happens because Christ is living in you

Abundant living should be wildly liberating.

Core belief #3: