Exploring Themes for Our Lives?

It’s official, I’m a theme junkie!
I selected a new theme for my tumblr blog—I didn’t even know they had premium themes.


Now if I could just get rid of the music player I’d be thrilled.
Originally my granddaughter set me up on tumblr, hence my total duh-ness about the themes, and she added a music player.
If anyone knows how to ditch it I’d love to erase some code and hear the sounds of silence once again.

I enjoy tumblr, Pinterest, and of course this WP blog.
Each one offers a different experience of curation and collection.
I have to learn how to write posts in the new tumblr theme.
It wasn’t possible in my previous one.
I collected a bunch of Christmas posts for my new theme.
I also like the way the Archives display the older content month by month.

Themes for our lives.
We all have them, but has it been a conscious decision.
Does the theme really match the life?

Imagine a theme for your life?
Is there a framework that fits your values and vibe?
What kind of theme would you choose to wrap around your life?
What categories are on the navigation bar?
What will we find in your drop down menus?

Describe the kind of content you collect and create.
What captures and expresses the real you?
How did you customize your theme?
What would you share that would tell us about you?

Are you a Pioneer Woman?

Or a world traveler?

A Foodie perhaps?

Maybe Vintage is your thing.

Would Fitness or Faith be more your style?

Italian Fitness
Italian Fitness
Church in Venice
Church in Venice

Do you hear the Sea calling your name?

[wpvideo yRY7Bnzd]


You’ve heard the old saying about ‘money well spent’, well knowing the theme of your life makes for a LIFE WELL SPENT.

The longest journey
Is the journey inwards
Of him who has chosen his destiny.
Dag Hammarskjöld,


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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