It’s Friday and I’m So Done

Downtime Required
A Slogan for the Weekend

It’s Friday and I’m done.
I don’t mean I’ve finished all the things I wanted or needed to finish this week.
I just mean I’m done trying.

You probably noticed that I was in Africa.
For 6 weeks.
I’m not saying you cared, just that you noticed.
Didn’t you?
Last week I was glad to return home and see my Mom and our kids, but this week I’ve been in the Twilight Zone.

Awkward Transition ahead, in fact right here.

Did you see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?
The soundtrack is impossibly good.
Ben Stiller plays the dedicated and easily distracted Walter Mitty.
Sean Penn is a world class photographer whose work is going to grace the final copy of Life magazine.  Location shots support the story line and that’s why you should see it in a theater, or on Netflix in my hubby’s man cave where there’s a 108″ screen and Bose surround sound.  
Plus the popcorn is free.

The girl can act
Shocker: believable and endearing.

Kristen Wiig of SNL fame can do the straight stuff too!
She’s lovable and a good Mom and I found myself drawn into the ‘hopeful-romantic’ subplot.


I’m still in The Twilight Zone and I’ve been channeling Walter Mitty all week.
Not that I’m a Hot Dog skater (you’ll have to see the movie to get this), just a little loosely bound to the surrounding reality.
I’m no longer in Africa, but I don’t seem to be all here either.
Like a piece of luggage that made it back across the Atlantic, but got diverted to Des Moines or Kansas City.

Also,I got lost on WordPress today.
I ended up on a blog, well, don’t take this the wrong way, but it was a crazy lady’s blog.
She had an Annual Report!!!
It was a like reliving a nightmare.  It was like the dream where you try to run and your legs won’t work.
And I remembered how angry and hurt I was when I didn’t get an Annual Report for 2013.
My own blogging platform dissed me and it really hurt my feelings.
Now the hurt is layered over with bitterness and resentment which is slowly hardening into fury.  Like lava on the big island.

So I’m done.
And we have about 50 people coming over tonight to hear about Africa.  I’m suppose to be spiritual and eloquent and I’m still on a luggage carousel in Des Moines.
I hope the cookies I’m serving are an adequate distraction.
Cookies are the secret weapon of choice for us ‘church lady’ types.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


  • I can’t wait to see that movie. I loved Danny Kay in the original and the trailer for the new one looks great!

    • This new one has a much different feel than the original, but I really enjoyed it. Good storytelling, and that’s right up your alley.

  • Hi Kelly. You don’t have to be eloquent. Just be yourself–you are already eloquent! Looking forward to the cookies and can’t wait to hear about Africa! Carol

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    • Carol, I hope you saw that this post was tagged Humor! Gary and I can’t wait to share the new opportunities we see for ministry in Ghana. See you tonight. Kelly

  • hahahaha! thanks for the chuckle…it was REALLY timely! <3

  • i’ll accept your current “mental condition” as the reason why my invite for tonight was never mail out. i love you always! 😀

    • Mail, as in envelopes and stamps? No one got a mailed invitation, just an announcement at Warehouse last Sunday.
      Would you like to come? You and anyone else you think would be interested are officially and gladly invited! God is opening new doors there.
      And yes, I’m sticking to my Jet Lag defense:)

  • Oh, this makes me chuckle! I am glad to hear you both made it home safely and yes, play the jet lag card because I think you have every right to! I just came home from a trip one state over and am lagging! The older I get, the more I find travel an adventure and sometimes not in a good way! I am finding out more and more I am a highly “routine and structured person” so it can make eating different foods, sleeping on hotel beds and pillows, switching time zones, flying, and driving on unknown roads a stressful chain of events. And this is a trip within the USA! I fear this all sounds like I am getting dreadfully older or maybe OCD!

    I am sure your presentation will be a blessing to all who hear it. I have certainly enjoyed your posts and see how you have left part of your heart there and the assimilation back into “our world” will take some time. What a blessing to know God’s Word does not return void and will achieve His purposes. Thank you for being a willing laborer and vessel used for His glory! Rest, pop some corn, and break out the movies!

    • Yep, I wonder why God decided this was a good thing for us to do in our ‘golden years’ when we’ve grown so accustomed to our creature comforts? I’m praying for the words to convey the work we saw in the hearts and lives of people and the new opportunities that have opened up.

  • Interesting I had mixed feelings about seeing that movie, but now I’ll definitely give it a try.
    Also sounds like you are in the perfect place to let God take the reins on ministering to others tonight.
    2 Cor. 12:9 ?

  • Wish we could be at your house tonight! The good news is that whatever you can muster to share will be raw and from the heart! We’re going to be in Sac in a couple of weeks…maybe we can set something up so we can hear about your trip? I’ll have Drew call Gary.

      • We’d love to meet you for dinner in Roseville or Sacramento. Tell us what you’d like and we’ll find a good restaurant. Friday night?

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