Turning a Bad Day Into a Good Day

photo with Bible verse

Some Bible verses can always make me smile.
Psalms 84:11 is one of those verses.
Today it cheered me through a cloudy rainy morning.
It says,

God is a sun and shield. That translates to warmth and protection.
He gives favor and honor. Also known as grace and glory.
God doesn’t hold back anything good from us when we’re trying to walk with Him.

And I’m trying.
Some days I need to lean hard on these thoughts.
Like coffee beans rolling around in a roasting drum, the words tumble over in my mind.

I work them like dough I’m kneading.
Over and over, pulling and stretching.
Rolling up within them the problems and challenges of my life.

I do believe God has an answer for everything that happens to us.
A promise, a solution, a prescription, a warning.
And on a ‘bad day’ I admit I spend a lot more time looking for His answer.
Looking for Him.
He’s always there.
And that’s the best way I’ve found to turn a bad day into a good one.


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  • Wow Kelly!!
    Your description of the Word rolling around like coffee beans in a roasting drum is an awesome visual. I can totally relate to it. How I pray that the aroma of Christ, like fine freshly brewed coffee in the morning, would permeate my life arousing everyone around me for Jesus. Lord, lead me today.

    May God bless you today in a personal and powerful way. <3

    • I figured I had to have a strategy for a ‘Lamentations’ kind of day. I mean a strategy that didn’t involve watching TV in my sweats while eating chocolate!!!

  • Such a super post! We need to look to Him everyday for our “daily bread.” But especially on days when we may feel “down” a bit!

    I’d like to RB this post, hope you don’t mind…

    Steve Pejay


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