Dog and cat

Reigning Cats and Dogs

Photo by Claudio Matsuoka via flickr

I thought maybe a few of you might have had ‘a week’ and you could use an AAUGH moment 😀

These are the ‘reigning cats and dogs’ who probably don’t know or care that their videos went viral.
They’re just doing what they do as part of a family.

A couple of days ago this home security video went viral.
Then the family appeared on The Today Show to talk about the episode.


Next this wonderful dog reminds us of the connection that nurtures both man and his best friend.


Can you tell I need a pet of my own???
Blessings on your weekend friends!


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


  • I love this Kelly. That dog is amazing. You can almost hear his voice as he puts his paw on the boys shoulder! Soooo sweet!! ??

    • When I watched it again I noticed it’s called ‘Sweet Mama Dog with Downs Syndrome little boy’. I think this little guy brought out her maternal instincts and she patiently persisted in getting him to respond.

  • You must be psychic, Kelly. I have had “several weeks”. This is a good way to remember what is important. 🙂


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