The Simple Pleasures of Life

cups with tea
Focus on the little things that bring joy to everyday life.

Describe your favorite coffee or tea cup.

Please don’t tell me it’s paper with a Mermaid logo!!!
I asked about the cup, not the contents.

Yesterday I found treasure in the clearance shelves at Home Goods.
Two cups with perfect proportions and balanced weight.

I enjoyed tea in the afternoon and coffee this morning, taking turns with the mugs so they’ll feel welcome.

It’s a cheap thrill!
Eating and drinking from objects I also enjoy touching and seeing.
It adds to the simple pleasure of consumption 😀

Paying Attention is a new Life Philosophy for me.
I’ve blown through years in the past always focusing on What’s Next.

What are a few simple pleasures you’ve noticed in your own world?


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


  • My favorite tea cup? Kelly youre killin me! Okay there are three and do not ask me to choose just one. I wont do it. Not even for you. LOL! One is ceramic, wine colored and sturdy. Made in Lancaster LA and i bought it at my very favorite B and B. it has their logo on it. The second is shales like a brandy snifter almost and says Bunratty, the name of a castle in County Clare Ireland. You can figure out where i got that. Its cream colored and forest green with a patch of red flowers. The last shows my frilly side and is a sweet pale yellow and white classic style tea cup that my daughter received from my mom which i have unceremoniously confiscated.
    So there ya go!!!!
    FYI Home Goods is fantastic for those kinds of finds. I love it.

    Last summer we got an adorable picnic table for our deck, white washed it and i proceeded to go on Etsy and buy a lovely set of white and blue check dinner plates which have been deemed as the outdoor plates. Most people use paper or plastic outside but I am using real plates. It just makes life better!!!
    I loved this post. It made me appreciate the little things so much! Thanks Kelly!! ??

    • Do you mean Lancaster PA, because my real friend Kate longs to live in PA and go to church in a Barn!!!
      She’s a simple girl looking for quilts and shamrocks 😀
      Just for you: Jim Brickman’s song

      Bunratty is a great cat name! Maybe I’ll get a cat.
      If I lived closer we could go to Home Goods and then I’d bring potato salad over to eat on those blue check plates while we sit at the whitewashed table on your deck.
      I feel like Anne of Green Gables, I’ve found a kindred spirit! Only I have to be Diana because I have dark hair and you’re the better writer.

      • Lol!!!! Come to Avonlea as soon as you can! I cant wait. And i love potato salad.
        I cant believe i typed LA and not PA. DUH!! You know me too well Kelly!!
        Loved this post and love getting to know you more each time! ??

  • I’ve collected a few gently-used trio’s for baby showers, birthdays and tea parties, none of them expensive (I don’t want to worry if one breaks.) My favourite is a peach coloured, Art Deco looking set. But for every day use, I have a white mug with the slogan ‘Keep calm and carry on’ printed on the side. God has worked much in me about overcoming anxiety and this mug is a great reminder that I’m in His hands!

    • Oh, oh, do you know the story behind Keep Calm and Carry On? Watch it on Youtube. So cool.
      The peach art deco ones sound cool, but I have to confess I’m not sure what a trio is. Can you enlighten me? Years ago when my kids were small I drove them to school during Chuck Swindoll’s Radio program. One day he said 90% of what we are anxious about never happens and the other 10% happens even though we worried and fretted. What verses have given you the most comfort when anxiety surfaces? I’m always happy to pray for you when you hit a ‘rough patch’.
      In His love,

  • Mine aren’t tea cups but they are crystal glasses. Nothing overly fancy or expensive but they have a good weight to them and anything I put in them seems to taste better. Using these classes makes me appreciate whatever meal I’m eating and leaves me in a good mood. 🙂

    • I love my old crystal glasses for iced tea or coffee, and of course any fruit of the vine 😀 My girls always say, let’s use plastic so we don’t have to wash them by hand. Call me old fashioned, but it tastes better out of the crystal glasses and like you, I like how it feels in my hand! Thanks for your input Lilka.


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