Why I Still Love My Old School Photo Booth from IOS 7

Photo Booth App


While performing an App Scrap of derelict and outdated Apps on my iPad I found the old Photo Booth app from IOS 7.

Photo Booth icon

I still love this App for the Thermal Camera, X-Ray, and Kaleidoscope features.

While playing with it I took a shot of myself that captured a combo Art Deco/Modern Abstract background.
I like the way it pops my eyeglasses, but can’t figure out why some of my front teeth generate hot spots 😉
I’ll work on that later.

I see potential here for Holiday cards or a series of those Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe style shots.

Holiday Cards ideas:

Gather the whole family and go to the Mall where they did their Holiday decorating last month 😉
Find a great backdrop and snap a few pictures of all the family for your 2014 Christmas card.

Or take it outdoors for a Norman Rockwell New England Village scene if that’s more your style and you live close to Nevada City, CA or an actual small scenic New England town.

Beaches and mountains are photogenic, so include them if you happen to be fortunate enough to live near the beach or the mountains.

Maybe spontaneity is you’re forte.  Just snap a few pictures as soon as you’re all in one place.
Your hair and wardrobe won’t matter!!!
The App’s Thermal Camera mode makes you all look great.

Use this App to make Christmas gifts:
Kids would love photos of themselves in the Thermal mode transferred on to canvas.
They’d rather have a video game, but you can let Grandma spring for that.

Give your Mom a set featuring the grandkids, or her favorite pet.

Sorry to group grandkids and pets in the same sentence, but it happened.

See Warhol’s Marilyn here.

Get Print to Canvas from Costco, Shutterfly, or FexEx




If you don’t have this App on your iPhone or iPad you may still be able to get it here.

If you are an Android user (and I’m sorry to say even my daughter has gone over to the Dark Side—so say hi when you see her among your ranks) you can get an App here.

Here are examples of the X-Ray and Kaleidoscope features:

X-Ray optionKaledioscope option


Writing this post has been more fun than sorting laundry from my recent Seattle trip, but all good things must come to an end 😉


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