Perfect Plans For A Perfect Long Weekend

What’s your idea of a ‘Perfect Weekend’?
I think an extra day is a really good start!

Yeah, It’s Friday and Memorial Day Weekend has arrived!!!
Do you have plans?
I have imaginary plans.
We’re leaving early Friday afternoon and going to a Beach House. We’ll barbecue steaks and play a cool new Deck Building Game while eating too many Cowboy Cookies. Later on we’ll have a fire and talk until we can’t keep our eyes open. By then all the sugar will have induced a blood sugar crash 😉 and we’ll sleep like babies.

Saturday morning we’ll lounge in bed drinking coffee and reading USA Today.
I’m not too concerned about getting newsprint on their linens.
We have to keep up our strength, so next up is Brunch. My favorite thing to order is Eggs Benedict; no way I’m going to all that trouble at home—EVER! And bacon. Lots of bacon.

Then we’ll hike The Redwood Grove Loop Trail. It’s only 0.8 miles. Just enough to keep the Friday Night cookies from taking up permanent residence. And there’s a special brand of quiet there that you don’t often HEAR.

That evening we’ll have dinner at Aubergine in romantic Carmel. And dessert!!!
I’m sure there’s a Carmel city ordinance that prohibits counting calories.
We’ll talk about life and our deep commitment and our enduring marriage as we drive back to the Beach house for another cozy fire and bed.

Sunday morning we’ll worship at Calvary Chapel Monterey Bay.
The only reasonable option for lunch is Tarpy’s Roadhouse. Done.

Now for the very best part of the weekend.

Another night and day of weekend!!!
Hurrah 😉
Monday morning we’ll play golf at Old Del Monte, the oldest Golf Club west of the Rockies. In my imaginary getaway, I shoot par, we both shoot par, and someone else packs up the Beach house and turns in the keys. That part is a drag and a downer and because I’m making this up as I go along, I’ve decided not to spoil my Beach Boys ‘good vibrations’ by doing that stuff.

You might think this game looks cheesy, but it’s fun. Get one for those long summer evenings ahead.

In reality I’ll be cleaning my garage and planting flowers and vegetables.
But mostly I’ll be working on my tan, shush, don’t tell the dermatologist.
Our kids will come to barbecue and swim and play the non-cheesy Deck-building game.

Sunday after church my husband will watch a bunch of cars going around an oval for hours on end, except when they’re not because something stupid or truly awful happened. I love the Triple Crown events, but cars don’t do it for me.

If it’s raining or over 100 degrees you might want to check out Million Dollar Arm

It’s the perfect guys and dolls movie: Baseball meets ‘chick-flick’ and it all ends up with a happily ever after.

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.
Take a few moments to remember those who gave their lives that we might live in peace and freedom.

Long may it wave!

Long may it wave!


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  • Levi Thetford

    This was cute. Enjoy the “extra” day!!

  • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer

    I love your imaginary plans AND your real plans. 🙂
    And I really don’t care either for the sound the race cars make going round and round and …
    Well you get it. 😉

    • Kelly Grace
      Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer

      I do 😉
      I love watching the horses run though. I get a kick out of the announcer. When they come into the last stretch he keeps talking faster and his pitch gets higher and higher. He’s all swept up in the excitement! And the whole thing is over in under 2 minutes. The Indy 500 takes 5 hours 😉

      • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer
        Kelly Grace

        My hubby enjoys Nascar. I enjoy that he enjoys it. Just not my thing! Lol. In a side note … we have other plans so I might not hear the whirling car sound!

  • SuchATimeAsThis

    Ooooh, 3 day weekends! Love ’em. The next one in NZ is next weekend when we celebrate Queen’s Birthday. Except it’s not her birthday. The first Monday in June is the day some British king sometime in history picked to commemorate his birthday because he wanted it to be summertime and warm. Except it’s winter here and COLD, lol. So enjoy tanning! And definitely thankful for the freedom we enjoy!

    • Kelly Grace

      Is NZ part of the UK? We here in the USA are daft when it comes to almost anything outside our own borders. Americans think the world revolves around the United States 😉

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