You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Me!

Are all of your friends just like you?
About a year ago I saw a special on the Nature channel that featured strange animal friends.
A deer and a dog.
A horse and a goat.

The new Android commercial brought a little sunshine into this rainy Saturday by featuring the playful antics of some unlikely animal friends.
Gather any kiddos in the house and watch the fun together.

Maybe we can all learn something from these creatures about having fun and being friends with others who are very different from ourselves 😉

After you all watch, ask your kids about their friends—maybe have a talk about how they decide who they choose to bring into their circle of friends.

And who can resist a mama cat snuggling up with her brood of bright yellow chicks???


All you need to do to be my friend is like me.
Taylor Swift



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  1. Just amazing link. And so much truth in the lesson from your post here. My favourite ones the elephant with the dog! 🙂

    • Kelly Grace says:

      Hi Carl, glad you enjoyed it. As Christians we know there’s a time coming when “the lion will lie down with the lamb and a little child will lead them”. . .until then it’s just a blessing to see a sneak preview of what it will be like when peace will reign throughout all creation!
      I heard today on the news of a new medical study that reported that those who jog 1-2.4 hours over 2-3 days a week (which is a fairly slow pace) have the highest reduction in potential heart problems (70%). Encouraging news for seniors and those of us with ‘weak knees’. Nice and easy turns out to be a good thing.

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