How to Have That Hard Talk With Your Man

Move from conflict to connection with your husband in just four tried-and-true steps.

Are you ready to finally Learn how to share your heart and speak your mind?

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You know, that thing that surfaces from time to time making you miserable until you manage to resume pretending it doesn't exist.

You've tried talking it out, but when that ended badly you stuffed it down and decided it was too damaging to try again to resolve it. But sooner or later it resurfaces leaving a fresh trail of hurt and more damaging miscommunication.

What you need is a Guide for a communication strategy! One that helps you keep powerful emotions and accumulated frustrations from derailing the conversation.

I created How To Have That Hard Talk With Your Man to help you move beyond the intense emotions and destructive conversations you've experienced in the past.  Let me show you how you can share your heart and speak your mind with confidence, grace and renewed hope. 

The minefield topic you tiptoe around.

What's your
unresolveable issue?

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This guide was created for Christian women who want to learn how to handle recurring conflicts

This guide was created for Christian women who want to learn how to handle recurring conflicts

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"This Guide is packed with advice that gets straight to the point and is easy to absorb. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for just a short time or many years, you’ll learn how to tackle a difficult conversation in a way that’s fair and effective."

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In this guide, you'll discover strategies to help you move toward a deeper connection with your husband, including…

Learn what makes you feel like you’re walking on eggshells

The cornerstone to every great relationship is honesty and in the spirit of that idea, I'll be honest: most couples have an area of marriage that they tiptoe around.

This happens because we're afraid that once we start talking about the minefield topic, we'll end up right where we always have before — in a fight or in Silent Mode.

No one wants to risk adding another layer of bad feelings over an already stressful or toxic part of a relationship.

Transform defensive conversations

What if healing, not hurting, could be the result of having a hard talk with your husband?
That’s why the next phase in this process is to learn how to bring up a tough topic with confidence, and without causing your spouse to get defensive or to withdraw.

We'll cover how to develop a strategy to help you say what you need and want to say without causing unnecessary distress and tension.

Communicate effectively with your partner

The goal of having a hard talk with your man isn't to prove something. It's to be heard and move in a positive way towards a resolution to this recurring and painful issue.

This third phase will teach you how to say what really needs to be said to increase the odds of your husband listening and understanding your frustrations. 

What I’m sharing with you comes from 35 years of trying to learn how to communicate more effectively with my own husband, and working with countless other women over years in ministry.

The origin of these frameworks and methods

Like any great strategy, it's important to know the background research and what the authorities have to say.

I've looked to God for divine wisdom to help guide me throughout my years of teaching and ministering to Christian women. So, at the end of this guide, you'll find Bible passages most Christians will recognize. The principles and strategies covered in this guide are rooted in Biblical truth, but they'll work for anyone.

This guide was created to help you tackle that thing you can’t stop thinking about, but don’t know how to start talking about.

how to have that hard talk
with your man



Part 1: Craft Your Message

Learn how to get clear on what you need to say, so that you can actually share what's on your heart with him.

Guide overview:


Part 2: Choose a Time & Place

Create a plan with plenty of prepping time, so you feel confident to show up and have that talk.


Part 3: Create a  Framework for Your Message

In Part 3 you'll find I've given you lots of prompts to help you express yourself freely and eloquently.  


Part 4: Close With Love & Grace

In Part 1 we began with preparation to help you initiate a difficult conversation - in this part, we'll create a plan to help you close it on a high note with love and grace.





The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?


You'll craft a solid plan and be fully prepped so you can feel relaxed in both the moment you've chosen and the
message you'll share.

Get to the core of the problem and learn how to help him understand your perspective and how this issue is damaging your marriage.

You'll come away with A powerful new communication skill that will help you work through the issues that have previously kept you stuck in conflict or silent mode.

Clarity and confidence around the issue so you can finally share your frustration and hurt and be heard.

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Step one

Work through the Guide section by section until you're crystal clear on your message and your plan.

Step two

Pray and then follow through with your plan, trusting God to help you speak your truth in love!

Step Three

How it works

"This Guide is packed with advice that gets straight to the point and is easy to absorb. Whether you've been in a relationship for just a short time or many years, you'll learn how to tackle a difficult conversation in a way that's fair and effective."

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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My passion is to help you discover how God's word can reach down into your heart and produce amazing transformations in you, your relationships and your influence in the world around you. 

This Guide includes everything you need to do this thing.

I've been where you are. Out of ideas and out of hope that this thing will ever change. That's why I created this Guide. When I finally broke through the emotion and hurt and discovered how to actually share my heart and speak my mind things changed. We changed. We began to work together to solve the hard problems we faced. We recaptured the passion that had been smothered by conflict. And regained the enjoyment of being a couple. God has a way of giving us beauty for ashes and addressing your current conflict may turn out to be the first step on a journey toward
a happier marriage.

Try the Guide for 2 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

I know you'll discover how valuable this Guide is in helping you plan and prepare to have a difficult conversation with your spouse. If, for any reason, you change your mind about your purchase you can request a full refund within 48 hours.

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What if bringing this topic up only makes things worse?

That's a completely legit concern! This is a recurring issue that keeps circling back around in your life and each new episode has left scars of unspoken hurt and unmet needs. It's the ineffective conversations that have made things worse. You can change that by learning how to craft your message and plan for a positive constructive conversation. One conversation alone may not completely resolve the problem, but it can move you closer to one another and help you approach finding a solution together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if he gets angry and defensive or sullen and withdrawn?

There's a strong chance that he'll respond the way he has in the past when you two have tried to talk about this. But, you aren't going to have the same old conversation this time. You have a plan that's gonna help you keep your cool and share your message without all the messy emotion clouding the topic. You'll have crafted a framework for why you both need to solve this thing. And his initial response will not necessarily be his final response. Give some space for grace and let love do its healing work.

What if the conversation spreads into other problem areas? 

Remember I told you there was a limit? Just one thing you're gonna share on just one topic. That's key to making this a successful talk. You can't address every conflict you have in your marriage. Don't let the conversation drift!!! You have a plan to share your heart and speak your mind about one thing.  If you master this powerful communication skill it will serve you well. Speak your peace and conclude the talk with a kiss on his cheek and a strong affirmation of your love and acceptance. Close with love!