Version 2

Hi, I’m Kelly.

Grateful child of God, happy wife, well usually anyway, but since nobody’s perfect we have our moments.
I’m a mom, grandmother, and YIKES, great-grandmother.
I was a child bride.
Really 😉

Welcome to my new home here at A Really Full Life.

I’m still unpacking and settling into this theme called Bindery.

And you know what it’s like the first few days after you move in.
Boxes everywhere.
You can’t find anything you’re looking for.
Everything’s chaos.
You trip over things in the dark.

The furniture’s still under wraps and there’s no art on the walls or books on the shelves, but you’ve stopped by and that’s made my day!

You didn’t happen to bring any Starbuck’s with you, did you?
That’s ok.
I just thought maybe caffeine might help me figure out this new theme, and the, er. . design elements, or page attributes, and what a parent page is, and how to organize my menus, or move the Social icons from the footer to someplace more visible because you might be into Instagram or tumblr, etc. . .

Who am I kidding???

Those things are way beyond my pay-grade, my skill-set, and my attention span right now 😉 Actually, I’m totally distracted by looming travel plans.

Anyway—here’s what you’ll find if you come back over the next couple of months:

Stories and photos from Paris France.
Yes, I said, actually wrote Paris France.

We’re going to Paris for my birthday!!!

We’re headed to Africa once again for five weeks of ministry, but because my husband has trouble sitting still—we’re jumping off the plane in the UK and crossing the channel to sample the cuisine and take in the sites from Normandy to Nice and everywhere in-between.
And I hope the Internet is working in France because I want to blog about cheese and croissants, and plaster my posts with photos of everything French.

French castles, French monuments, French fashion, French cities, French villages, French cuisine, French countryside, the French Riviera with the hairpin turns overlooking the Mediterranean and glitzy French hotels and enormous yachts in a scenic French harbor. French people, French poodles, French cafés, French rivers, French mountains, and fields full of French lavender.

Ooh la la!

Then it’s on to Ghana, West Africa.

Fifteen years ago my husband went on a trip to Ghana to help out with a Bible seminar.
He fell in love with the people in the north of Ghana and we went back to establish a Bible Training Centre. If you’re curious you can read more about it here:
CCBTC Update

It’s a joy and a privilege to be part of what God is doing in West Africa.
People who have never heard that God loves them, that He’s merciful and kind have embraced that truth and it’s transformed their lives.

Just like it did mine when I first heard it.
I’ve been enjoying the blessing of knowing God and experiencing His love as I discover His plan for my life for over 40 forty years(the number seems less frightening to me when spelled out).

If you’re a new visitor you might think this is a travel blog, or maybe a sad imitation of a photography blog—well it’s not. I do travel and often take far too many bad photographs (thank God for digital cameras), but this blog is the place where I share about living A Really Full Life.

Jesus called it an abundant life and He said that’s why He’d come—so that people who choose to follow Him could have an abundant life.

Like every other person on earth, I’m a work in progress.
I fail, I struggle, I take one step forward and two steps back, but like Bill Murray’s loveably flawed character in What About Bob?, “I’m baby-stepping. I’m doing the work. I’m not a slacker!”

The reality is that we all NEED and our hearts are crying, “Gimme, gimme, gimme”.
You can spend a lifetime hopelessly trying to fill that need.

Our last name is Grace.
And it’s a continual reminder that His grace is what covers us as we walk with God. It’s His unearned and undeserved favor. His lovingkindness, His mercy, His generosity and care that permeate and fill our lives.

His grace is the key that opens the door to an abundant life ~ A Really Full Life.
An eternal life that begins here and stretches out forever and ever beyond this fragment of time and this finite place.

Want to discover how you can become a follower of Jesus and experience abundant life?
Listen as Dr. Charles Stanley explains how you can receive Jesus as your Savior.

<a href="http://How Do I Accept Jesus As My Savior?.”>How Do I Accept Jesus As My Savior?.

Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you!

I hope you have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by 😉

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