Are You In Over Your Head? Really?

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When we panic we stop thinking logically and our Lizard brain takes over.

This is beautiful Hanauma Bay in Honoluhu.  On a trip to Hawaii we went to snorkel in the clear water and look at the fishes and basically get our knees and shins scraped up on the coral as we bobbed in the surf.

We were with friends and having a great time until a large wave came and our friend Mike got water in the tube of his snorkel.  He started sputtering and then flailing around wildly.  He pulled off his mask and started screaming, “I’m drowning, I’m drowning, HELP!!!”

My husband was not too far off and heard Mike’s cries, and saw him thrashing his arms and gasping for air.
Gary pulled out his mouthpiece and called to Mike.  But Mike just repeated his cry for help screaming that he was ‘drowning’.

Gary called back loudly, “stand up Mike.”

It took a minute for the words to move from Mike’s lizard brain to the parts that process language, but when they did he put his feet on the sandy bottom and stood his 6′ 2″ frame upright and saw that the water lapped against his chest not far above his navel.

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I’ve had an experience like Mike’s before.
I think I can’t handle a situation and I start to panic.

As a Mom I did that more often than I care to remember.  It was usually after midnight when a daughter hadn’t come home on time.  This was in the olden days before cell phones and GPS.
I think kids should come with GPS as standard equipment.


Whatever situation you’re swimming in right now, you should know that you’re surrounded by friends and God won’t let you get out where it’s over your head.
Next time you think you’re drowning, just stand up.
I bet you’ll find that you’re not really in over your head, it just feels that way when we focus on the problem instead of on the Lord.



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