Roadside Wildflowers Oregon Coast

How to Focus

Roadside Wildflowers Oregon Coast
Roadside Wildflowers Oregon Coast

We need a lens for life.

Just like the one on my Nikon.
We could zero in on our primary focal point and let everything else blur.
It would automatically make other things quit competing for our attention.
They’d stay in the background until we chose to “focus” on them.
I have a friend who is learning how to do stop action photography.
Now that would be so useful in real life.
Stop Action.
Let me catch up.
Let me catch my breath.

When my To-Do list becomes ridiculous I have to take out the fat black sharpie and cut it down to a manageable size.
I admit I sometimes have trouble not over-committing.
And sometimes there are just too many good choices.
Things I want to do or pursue.

    Classes to take.
    Posts to write.
    Places to go.
    People to see.
Truck Sales near Mt. Shasta, CA
Truck Sales near Mt. Shasta, CA

I’ve written about this topic on another blog.
All you WordPress fans please forgive the address.
Please consider that you are now reading this on WordPress.
We all had to start somewhere.

I’m a Christian so my life lens is Jesus.
That’s the perspective you’ll find in the blogspot post.

What’s your trick for regaining focus when your schedule and life get crazy?
Have any tips for keeping it all under control?
How do you choose between your favorite Starbuck’s coffee and the special “Holiday” coffee?


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  • Hi Kelly! When it comes to narrowing down a full schedule, I always place my family first. It’s difficult at times to cancel plans but friends know that my family is my top priority. I always choose the “holiday” item, it’s special!! Have a great day?

    • Your answer tells me two cool things about you: you know and embrace your priorities and you don’t let special opportunities pass you by. If we lived in the same town I’d buy you the Fall special at Starbucks:). I’ll toast to your health today when I meet my daughter for coffee.


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