Why We Need To See Life Like A 1 Year Old

baby in the bath


Lord give me fresh eyes to see the goodness and wonder in life!


That’s been my prayer as I’ve watched little Isaiah this past week.

His family has been camped out at our house because of a ‘mold situation’ at theirs.
Here’s Little Zay as he discovered the joy of water flowing from the faucet.

I must turn on a faucet 20 times a day, and I realized I’ve been dulled to the wonder of the experience and fun of water.

Lord jumpstart my experience of joy in the ordinary essentials of everyday life.


 That’s my prayer after spending some time reading and studying the book of Ecclesiastes.

Solomon, the wisest person who ever lived, made a short list of brilliant Life Hacks for the people of God.


Are you familiar with the term Life Hack?


noun: life hack
  1. a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Efficiency is good, but it doesn’t necessarily engender happiness and enjoyment of life.

Solomon’s Life Hacks are designed to help us manage our expectations and increase our enjoyment of life.


Here is a sample of the wisdom of Solomon for getting the most out of your life.


Go and eat your bread in happiness.
Drink your wine with a happy heart.
For God has already been pleased with your works. 
Let your clothes be white all the time.
And let there always be oil on your head.
Enjoy life with the one you love all the days of your life that will soon be over.
God has given you these days under the sun.
This is the good you will get in life and in your work which you have done under the sun.
Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your strength. . .
Ecclesiastes 9:7-10


Solomon’s List of Life Hacks for the people of God:

  1. Eat in happiness.  Let your workday end in the delicious experience of good food and shared laughter.
  2. Drink your wine—or whatever—with a happy heart.  Set aside the frustrations & disappointments of your day and relax with those you love.
  3. Remember God is for you.  Romans 8:31  He loves you & thinks of you all day.  Ps. 40:5 Ps. 139:17-18
  4. Keep short accounts with God.  Confess your sins & ask forgiveness.  1 John 1:9
  5. Continually be being filled with the Holy Spirit, rely on His leading in your life.  Ephesians 5:18
  6. Let your marriage be a source of joy in this life that is so brief compared to eternity.
  7. Accept your life as a gift from God and be thankful.
  8. Your ability to enjoy the gifts of God and the fruit of your labors is tied to your awareness that they come from God.
  9. It’s not what you do, but how you do it and why you do it that brings real satisfaction in life.



baby at breakfast

Watching Zay eat reminds me that a prerequisite to cultivating thankfulness is noticing and relishing the simple gifts of God.
He’s been a daily reminder that I should both savor my favorites yet be curious enough to try new offerings.


little boy and toy dog

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your strength!


God longs to see us enjoy the life He’s given and to experience the goodness of His creation.
Food and family, work and play are the most fundamental of His gifts.
In Christ we have access to a relationship with God and by His grace we have the promise of eternal life.
This life is fleeting, over in the blink of an eye and engulfed in a tidal wave called Eternity.

Take some advice from the wisest man who ever lived.

The world around us runs on ambition and a quest for more, more, more.

As the people of God we’re free to embrace what He’s given and enjoy it.
What a shame to miss out on what is in an empty pursuit of more.




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