Set the clock for daylight savings

It’s About Time

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If I could keep time in a bottle.
If only, right.
But the question still remains, would I use it wisely?

I’d forgotten how much I liked Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle.
The ‘story’ behind the classic folk hit is that Croce wrote it in 1970 after his wife Ingrid told him she was pregnant.
She had a boy they named Adrian.
The song became a #1 hit shortly after Croce was killed in a plane crash in 1973.

1970 seems like a long time ago, but even 50 years ago we felt the clock and the calendar pulling us out of the moments we wanted to savor,
to linger in until we were good and ready to move on.


Tonight you and I will lose an hour of sleep.
Before we even hit the hay, the sack, or the rack.
Before we crash, we snooze, or catch some z’s.
Why? Because life in the western world is driven and ordered by the clock.

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But, not all of our fellow human beings let time, or more accurately, the measuring of time, control their lives.
In many places in our world it’s light, not time that exerts control.
But not for much longer.
Now even that is giving way as every village in Ghana with 500 people or more is set to receive electricity.
The poles and wires carrying the electricity that made 24-hour-a-day-work a possibility are on the march along the highways and dirt roads of Ghana.

I got curious as to how, why, and when we surrendered to the clock.
For the also interested among you I added a link to an interesting read called Time Zones.

For the why and wherefore of Daylight Savings Time see:

For the Bookworms I offer Mitch Albom’s book The Time Keeper.
It tells the fictional story of the inventor of the world’s first clock.
He suffers banishment for trying to measure God’s gift of time and he has to hang out in a cave where he’s tormented by the cries of those of us who need more hours and more days.
Serves him right!


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  • My western self just about freaked out when I landed in Africa and there was no clock in any hotel room. I had never heard the quote about time and clocks that I’m sure you know. It is so true, we have all the clocks and no time. Would be nice to be simpler…

    • Personally I freaked out about spiders with a diameter of 3″ and the speed of a Formula 1 race car. We’ve been going for over 14 years so the time issue isn’t an issue anymore. I loved this quote from Mitch Albom’s book The Time Keeper, “It is never too late or too soon. It is when it is suppose to be. That’s African time.


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