Ethan & His Friends


This is the photo that started it all for me.

Like every grandmother with a digital camera I have tons of photos of my grandkids, but on this day, when Ethan was graduating from kindergarten I captured the deep joy of friendship in the moment.  The picture sat there in iPhoto for weeks and then as I was trying to think of something to write it hit me.

The WHY of what I was doing.

I’m blogging as a way to reach out to others.
I see it more clearly now than I did then.
Specifically to offer something encouraging, or funny, or helpful.
I’ve always been a people person and Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the Internet—no it wasn’t Al Gore!) I have proof—anyway Tim gave us all the opportunity to reach out literally around the world.  Today someone from Bosnia and Herzegovina visited this blog.  Doesn’t that blow your mind?  I’ve had traffic from countries like Israel, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Ireland, England, Germany, Japan, Ghana, & Nigeria.  And I hardly have any traffic.  What began as a tool for scientists to communicate their work and findings has infiltrated deeply into our everyday lives.  I think we don’t quite get how profound it is.

Tim Berners-Lee receives the Millennium Technology Prize for his creation of the World Wide Web.
Tim Berners-Lee receives the Millennium Technology Prize for his creation of the World Wide Web.

Reaching out.
Sharing something that hopefully contributes to another person by making their life easier, happier, spiritually deeper, or better informed about some random thing that caught my attention and is actually interesting to them.

That’s what was on my mind when I first decided to dust off this discarded and neglected blog and give it the old college try.
When I say old college try you should know that I went to Chico State;  so you need to factor that into the equation when critiquing the results.
Don’t get me wrong, Chico was a wonderful educational experience for me, but then I was a single parent with three kids and it was all about the learning.
I had no idea it was known as a party school.
There was no party in the Chem Lab or the Library.
There’s no food or drink allowed in the Labs or Library and that kinda sucks the party out of any party. 

One last thing. . .
I wrote a post about friendship prompted by the same photo of Ethan and his friends.
Here’s a link if you’re so inclined.

Just one other last thing. . .
I want to thank those of you that read this, or comment, or follow.
It’s a privilege to have a share of your time and attention.
And I appreciate, really appreciate, those of you that share your goodness, your wisdom, your humor, your photography, your opinions, your book & movie reviews, your recipes, your relationship tips, your art,  and your stories with us here at WordPress.
I’m honored to call you friends.



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  • You have been so encouraging! I am thinking of getting into the blog world myself, but am on the edge of the pool looking in. My knees are shaking, my heart is beating, and I am not sure I want to jump in all at once! I am praying about it 🙂


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