Making Lists of What You Won’t and Will Miss

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Somedays they litter my house, car, and purse like crumpled peanut bags at the Ballpark.

I love making lists.
A list gets stuff out of my head and into the world where I can quit ‘feeling’ it floating between my synapses, and worrying my neurons about the hows and whens of Getting Things Done.

Today I came across a post on a newly discovered blog.
Dated several years ago, it’s a list made by Nora Ephron that she included in her last book, I Remember Nothing.

You’ll sense the sadness of somebody who knows she’s seriously ill, but the lists are funny and TRUE.

The simple things,
the everyday joys are the things of her Will Miss List

What would be on your lists?
What will you miss?
What won’t you miss?

As a Christian I’d say I won’t miss any of this life, but that’s not the point of the lists really.
At least not for me.

The Will Miss List is a way to count my blessings.
The Will Not Miss List is a way to examine the little things that are poking holes in my joy.
What’s on that list that can be changed?

It’s Sunday, so go out on the porch, or patio and make a list or two.

Count up your blessings and thank God for each one.

Tell someone on your list that you love and cherish them.

Examine the little joy-stealers eating away at the corners of your happiness.
Can you nip a few in the bud?
How, what would you have to do to kick it out of your life?
Then do it.

From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.
John 1:16

You can see Nora’s lists here.  What I Won’t and Will Miss.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


    • Sure is, but thankfully not impossible. When I know something needs to change I start asking God to teach me how to grow and be more mature in that area of my life. All of the sudden verses kind of pop out when I’m reading and I know God is pointing to the crucial info I needed.

    • I mostly like checking things off the To Do List 😉 I thought of you over the last few days. We were in the beautiful Lake Tahoe area. I can just see you biking, or floating down the river and then posting pictures of a cool cafe with great food 😉 Seems like a place you’d love.

      • I was in Lake Tahoe a decade ago but didn’t have a camera then. Would love to go back but work is in the way

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