The Father of Lies Is A Builder of Cages

A lie is a cage made of words.

Monkey in a Cage


And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
John 8:32


The lies we believe imprison us, our sentence may be a few hours, a day or two, or many long years.

I once spent an entire day angry at my husband for ‘thinking I had nothing better to do than pick up after him’.
When he came home and it all exploded, bubbling up like magma from an overdue volcano, I found out how wrong I’d been.

He didn’t leave socks on the floor to send a message that I was ‘expected’ to pick them up and see that they made it safely to the hamper.

That hadn’t entered his mind.

He was just running late for a tennis match and prioritized his time in a way that reflected his concern to not keep a friend waiting.

A whole day wasted in feeling mad and bad and rehearsing the inequity, the disrespect, and the laziness that was all ricocheting around my brain, but was really just a figment of my imagination.


This can happen with family, with friends, or even with the guy in front of us on the freeway!

We can even do it with ourselves.



Focusing on our inadequacies, our failures, and most often on our fears, we make small cells for ourselves fashioned of our worst remembered moments.


We’d rather succeed than fail, ย excel not be average, and conquer doubt instead of surrendering without a fight, but the lie defeats us before we begin.
It hobbles our feet and saps our motivation.
Like trying to run underwater, we can’t get up to speed or gain traction.


The enemy of our soul, the one that hates us with a long practiced menace, he’s the suggester of every negative thought about others and ourselves.

That’s not God telling you what a loser you are.
It’s not the Holy Spirit trying to make you regret your marriage vows.


The truth is a key made of words.


Jesus said in His word we’d find the truth and that truth would set us free.


Sometimes just one word is all it takes.
Words like loved, accepted, strengthened, righteous, blessing, wisdom, answer, grace, and hope.
We have to dig in and find the key to our own cages.

Get free of the lies that are holding us back, limiting us in life or affecting our relationships.


Sit in the cage or swing in the trees, it’s really our choice.






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  • Well put Kelly. For me its the tree’s. I like this post. In recent years I have finally excepted and begin to trust fully in the word of God. With my daughter Kelly’s passing It has brought clarity to my relationship’s Be blessed sister.

    Much love Tom

    • Tom,
      I think suffering does bring a clarity to our lives and our relationships.
      May God work every possible measure of good from your loss of Kelly!

      We are in Africa and my husband has been teaching in village churches on the book of Philippians. I’ve heard the message many times, but the other night I heard him say, “Joy is a choice. We can choose joy even in the midst of unhappiness, difficulty, and suffering.”
      That’s my prayer for you and your family, joy, even in this terrible trial.

      • I will receive that Kelly in Jesus name. The Lord gave that same word of Joy. I have prayed for joy and at a doctors visit yesterday my doctor who is a Christian encouraged me to return to joy repetitively. Thank you for the kind words Kelly and may God speed you and your husband and ministry team and find favor wherever you go.

    • Amen Bob, I just forget to rely on it.
      Somedays I have to remind myself, “. . .God is for us” from Romans 8:31. His grace, His love, and all the help I need are there to support us. He never intended we live by our own wisdom or strength.

  • Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative.
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    Many people will be benefited from your writing.

    • Hello and thanks for the kind words.
      No, I didn’t hire a developer, but I did upgrade to a premium theme called Adventure ( We minister in Ghana, West Africa and I thought the theme might be a good fit for the photos and stories from our ‘adventures’. The photos of the monkeys featured in this post are from our current 9 week trip.
      I’ve had to refer to the forums for help setting up the blog and using the customize feature. You can submit a specific question and the theme developer will post an answer. When I’m not totally frustrated with my own minimal skill set I actually enjoy ‘tweaking’ and personalizing the theme with custom headers and background colors.


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