Daily Prompt: In the Summertime


The word ‘Summertime’ has always conjured for me sweet feelings of bliss and freedom.
I wish every child could have the kind of childhood I was blessed with.
As a result certain associations were embedded in my child brain, and they persist to this day.
That’s great because they’re all happy associations.
Things like. . .

    the smell of charcoals ash-colored and ready for burgers
    bright blue cloudless skies
    afternoon heat shimmering off the pavement
    16 hours of daylight for play and exploring
    the springy high dive board at the High School Swimming Pool
    the smell of Coppertone or Sea & Ski
    Beach Boys songs blasting from a transistor radio
    The Strawberry Festival in June
    Cotton candy and the lighted Ferris Wheel at the County Fair
    spending the night at my grandparent’s house
    picking peaches
    the smell of fresh mown grass
    napping in a hammock
    sitting on the dock dangling my feet in the water
    really good iced tea
    Wolfman Jack playing my favorites on station XERB in Chula Vista California
    my Mom looking like Doris Day in capris and Keds
    a bottle of Pepsi Cola all my own

I’m returning to my childhood this Summer.
Swimming will be part of every day. As a kid my friends and I played Marco Polo for hours while our fingers and toes got all ‘prunie’.
My grandkids love the game, so I’ll have playmates!
And we’ll wear Coppertone 😀

old ad for Coppertone Suntan Lotion
Original Coppertone print ad.

boys in pool
Marco. . .Polo. . .Marco. . .Polo. . .Marco. . .Polo. . .Marco. . .Polo

I’m going to make exercise FUN.
I remember learning to hula hoop with Jodie Robertson. Granddaughters will love to laugh at me as I try to keep the hoop up and not put my back out. Laughing is a big part of my plans for summertime. How long since you tried this? It’s not as easy as it looks!



curve along a coastal road
If it’s beautiful we want to see it. Getting there is half the fun for us.

old car
We’ll pack casual clothes, decks of cards, and an Ice chest. No maps or reservations,.

We love taking off without really knowing where we’ll end up. My husband, my Mom, and I are all spontaneous types and the only decision we make is which direction to head. First we’re going north to drive the fabulous Columbia River Gorge
bridge and waterfall
Spectacular Columbia River Gorge

We’re always searching for good pie.

slice of apple pie in to go container
Had the best Apple Pie EVER at Rollerville Cafe near Point Arena, CA

sign for Rollerville Cafe
Cheezy sign and awesome food. Best burger & fries in a year and pie was so good I got another TO GO!!!


We’ll be on the lookout for cool critters.
[wpvideo v8qIgSTJ]

butterfly on greenery
Beautiful Butterfly part of the collection at Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory.

We’ll stop and smell the roses.

red rose
A gorgeous red rose with velvety petals open wide.

Every so often we discover something that makes us squeal with joy!
[wpvideo yoB1Hg3j]

old typewriter
I feel so Jack Kerouac, but I don’t think he was traveling with his Mom on an epic hunt for good pie.

And I’ll write about our discoveries and maybe you’ll decide to throw some old sweatshirts and jeans in the car and take off to points unknown.

If you find good pie you know how to contact me.


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