Hopefully Not Sleepless in Seattle

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Today we’re headed to Seattle to sample the best of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

I’m traveling with my granddaughter Kate and her boys up to the cloudy rainy home of the Space Needle and the fictional Crane brothers—Fraiser and Niles.

Kate’s a foodie so we have a long list of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries to visit.
So much food, so little time!
We’re working on restaurant recipes retooled for the home cook.

We’ll flood Instagram with our inspiration and hope we can recreate the goodness once we’re back home.

A few articles I read suggested Portland stomps Seattle in a hip contest.
Portland is fine, but I prefer coffee to beer so Seattle wins, and I already bought the tickets, booked the room, and rented the car.  And someone said Seattle has a troll. . .



[getty src=”108224088?et=fz3qkaa8TA1MChoXvKjq5w&sig=Q6eNzXvDoMV91QuTp7bSBrqNFfylgrpCVpxjVZB3Ap0=” width=”512″ height=”335″]

Besides, I like Seattle’s skyline.
I’m nostalgic when it comes to the Space Needle.
I think of it as a west coast version of the Eiffel Tower.
Like Bridget Bardot’s plain cousin.
Was Bridget Bardot even French?
Don’t pull at the edges of that simile or I’m afraid it will unravel in your hands.

Currently on our agenda ~

  • Starbuck’s Flagship Store at Pike Place Market
  • Pike’s Place
  • Chihuly Glass Museum
  • Sky View Observatory
  • Kerry Park
  • Seattle Public Library
  • Fran’s Chocolates
  • Gasworks Park
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Washington State Ferry ride


I have to buy a few Starbuck’s mugs for the new chief in Africa, so it’s almost like shopping for royalty.
Oh the pressure.
I’ll need coffee for sure.

I’m taking my new boots and my old tennis shoes.
The boots look cool, but if we’re walking all day for four days—I’ll surrender cool for comfort in a Seattle minute.
Which is probably about half a NY minute.

Weather forecast is for rain and cool temps.  Shocker, huh.
Seattle has about 220 cloudy or rainy days every year.
Remember the vampire flicks?

We’re packing yarn and crochet hooks and new books and dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt.
A new 32GB card for my digital camera.
That’s 2000 photo opportunities 😉
Say ‘Frappuccino’!!!

Got any other suggestions for things to see & do while we’re in Seattle—I’d really appreciate it if you’d mention them in the comments 😉








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  • This is so cool! In the blog I wrote several days ago that post today (Dry bones), I mentioned “Sleepless in Seattle” to illustrate my silly sense of humor. Just thought it was cool that your post today talks about Seattle. The spirit is something else…..lol!

  • Enjoy the city I called home for a few years back in the late ’70s early ’80s. If you want a photo like the one you used here, there’s a little park carved on the side of Queen Anne hill where you can take it. I haven’t been back since 2002 (I think) so probably too many changes to recommend anything current.

  • If you have time to take a ferry out to one of the San Juan Islands, they’re beautiful. The best fish I ever had was halibut from one of the restaurants near Pike Place.

  • SO MUCH FUN in so little time! I LOVE the works of Chihuly. I discovered his art when we were traveling the world and stopping Scottsdale every 3 months just to prove we were still American citizens. I have no other recommendations – but I can’t wait to hear what you discover so when I get a chance to go I will have a great travel plan! Be safe! xoxo

  • Hi Kelly, A friend of mine is a former Seattlelite and she made a few fun suggestion:

    Starbuck’s Flagship Store at Pike Place Market- Go to Le Panier or The Crumpet Shop for pastries or crumpets with the coffee

    Pike’s Place – if dinner time, see if you can eat at Matt’s at the Market.

    Chihuly Glass Museum – gorgeous space. The monorail departs from this location and its a lovely ride to downtown, right by the flagship Nordstroms. The Armory Food Court, by Chihuly, has excellent food at Eltana Bagels and Skillet Diner.

    Kerry Park – Go on a cloudless day if possible and drive to the main strip, just a few blocks away, to stroll the Queen Anne boutiques.

    Fran’s Chocolates – if you’re going to the University Village location, you should combine it with lunch at Din Tai Fung dumplings. Incredible food and special experience!

    Gasworks Park – if you go on a Tuesday evening, watch boats doing Duck Dodge racing in Lake Union.

    Washington State Ferry Ride – If time permits, the night ride is just as beautiful when you see the lights of the city.

    I also had a couple donut recommendations. If you’re at Pike’s Market get some mini-donuts hot from the vendor inside, so good with coffee as well. Or if not at Pike’s Market and it’s donuts you crave find a Hot Pot near you, really delicious and much better than the “famous” Voodoo donuts in Portland. 😛

    Above all have a GREAT time, it’s such a beautiful city!

  • Have fun! I have a friend from Seattle and I’m so jealous at all the Starbucks there lol. Enjoy your trip. 🙂


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